Exposing False Teaching: John MacArthur’s “Charismatic Chaos”

wp-image-867211142As I’ve said, I’m finally getting to read a copy of “Charismatic Chaos”, by Pastor John MacArthur.  I’ve looked forward to getting a copy of this from one of the used bookstores where I usually buy my books.  They are Alibris and AbeBooks.

I could easily read this book in one night, transfixed by what it says.  The level of truth hooks one into wanting to read more and more; I could sit up all night, wanting to know more and more.  

As some have said, when you know the truth, you want to keep reading the truth.  This book is written in a way that captures the attention of the reader in miraculous ways so that he uncovers the lies of wrong teaching of the charismatic movement and how it has crept into the church, seemingly making fools out of people who are trying to make a name for themselves by using preposterous stories about God. 

These people turn their stories into greater and greater fantasies, tales of grandeur, putting themselves up on a pedestal that is made for God only.  Competing alongside one another with their fantastical tales of how they are the recipients of spiritual truths not found in the Bible, they seem to want the accolades of being special to God.  More special than you or I. 

So far, the major impact of the book gets through to the reader, impactfully and with scorching truth.  It blows one’s socks off with clarity.  

I have only just begun the book, and on page 30 Pastor John MacArthur writes this:

That kind of teaching opens the floodgates for believing that vital Christianity is one sensational experience after another.  It sets in motion a contest to see who can have the most vivid or spectacular experience.  And, of course, those with the most awesome testimonies are held in highest esteem spiritually.  Incredible claims are made, and they almost always go unchallenged. …

This is the best book I’ve ever read.   There seems to be no way to ignore the truth in his book.  It has given me so much already, I can hardly wait to read until the end.  I will be quoting more here from John MacArthur’s book I am sure.  I am incredulous at what the church has become.

Thank you, Dr. MacArthur, for writing this incredibly brilliant and clear book about what it means to teach the false doctrine of basing your knowledge of the Lord Jesus on experience, and putting your bibles upon a back shelf. 

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