My Memories Of Joyce Riley, Dave vonKleist And Linda Kennedy At The Power Hour Radio Station

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. ~ Romans 12:2

This verse came to mind while I was in bed thinking about what I had just read, about the passing of The Power Hour radio host Joyce Riley who passed in June of 2017.  

I hadn’t been aware of this since I have been out of touch of that genre of radio; the Americana old style Patriot movement that reached out to their huge audiences with health supplement products and natural healing, not trusting doctors and talking about all the major conspiracies our country has faced.

Joyce Riley was a 9/11 truther, along with her then-husband  Dave vonKleist who apparently still lives somewhere as a musician/broadcaster, according to his website.  He was the producer of a documentary called, 911: In Plane Site, and I checked a website about him many years ago and it still looks the same as of yesterday.

The reason I was stunned to hear that Joyce Riley had died, “Capt’n Joyce Riley”, was that I had been to her radio station, The Power Hour, where she and Dave lived and had a warehouse selling those healing supplements, where her studio and broadcast tower were on their private property in Versailles, Missouri.  I was so moved to hear that her passing was caused by breast cancer.  How ironic that with all the healing products that were for sale in her warehouse that supported the radio station that she was unable to cure the cancer that metastasized through her body.

I thought further about how our minds are rejuvenated and how my mind had been made new, but incrementally over time.  I was struggling when I met Joyce Riley and was part of the movement that she, Dave and Linda Kennedy were involved in.  I remember Dave telling me on the phone before I drove out there to buy a ham radio in order to communicate to others with, because we would need them to be able to reach people by ham radio no matter what happened to regular communications, or something like that. 

I never bought one, I was too financially stressed.  Those were the days that many in the Patriot movement were buying canned food or packaged astronaut-type foods that would keep on the shelf for a very long time in the case of nuclear war or any emergency, such as secret societies, the Illuminati in particular, thinking that the world was overpopulated and they had to find ways to kill people off.

This was a time right after 9/11 and there were fear-brokers everywhere telling us to distrust the government, they would take our guns away and round us up, not letting us be free people and other variations of those kinds of takeovers of countries around the world.  It was the One World Government that would overthrow us and we had to plan our escape.  How odd that so many Patriots say they are God-fearing people, yet they have these conspiracy theories as if they are all alone in what happens to our country. 

My first contact with Dave and Joyce was through talking with attorney Linda Kennedy.  We were in one of the same judicial accountability groups and I had become quite involved in learning how the family courts in California and other states operated.  I had been fighting for custody of my daughter and had lost all that I had.  My life had taken a downhill spiral that I have put into the Lord’s hands and have trusted him to help me understand all that was happening to me at that time in my life; and about earlier times in my family when I grew up.  I trust he will tell me one day or lead me to answers if I’m still on this earth long enough to find out.

It is a long story, how I came to meet that group of people in Missouri and others around the country.  Being involved in Judicial Accountability and other aspects of the law brought me in touch with many groups of people around the country who were meeting in restaurants, homes, and talking online together.  I met many people during the meetings and groups I attended in San Jose and Sacramento, California and I hosted a few shows on internet radio where I listened to many stories of people who were hurt by courts in California, and around the country.  

So I met Joyce at her house where she would cook in the kitchen and had the studio where they did live radio broadcasts in a little studio in their home.  She was at one time a nurse in the Air Force, and her obits tell more about her life.  Her bio can be read from when she was a guest one time on a Coast To Coast guest appearance page.  She may have made more guest appearances there, I don’t know for sure, but she was a formidable voice in the Patriot movement and well-known through many groups and causes she spoke about on her radio show.

I also knew Linda Kennedy, a disbarred attorney, who was the person who invited me to live out there.  Linda was hired by Joyce and Dave as their legal person, and Linda told me that she had to talk to a guy who was in jail at the time, and had to straighten out something between him and Joyce Riley.  I can’t recall what it was but it was very important.  Linda could tell them the ins and outs of the law and knew her way around the courts of Virginia where she had practiced law.  The reason they hired her presumably, was because Linda was a voice that stood out because she said the courts were corrupt and so she found favor among many Patriots.  Little did I know she was a fraud, and a huckster. 

Too many wounded and scared people turned to Linda, even trusted her, because she had been a practicing attorney who brought her disbarment to the public as her reason for speaking out about judicial abuse.  She claimed she was a victim of an abusive, fraudulent court system.  She was an outspoken advocate for judicial accountability, and many, possibly Joyce and Dave were much like most of us who knew her name and fell for her corruption of her own.  We so wanted attorneys to be on our side and join us in the judicial accountability movement.

Linda turned out to be a nasty, mean-spirited control freak.  I felt she made a pass at me with a “come on” statement when I had barely arrived, as if she were checking me out as a fine specimen of a woman she found desirable.  This put me in a tailspin, not expecting anything of the kind to come out of Linda’s mouth.  She then made a comment about how she might “need to have me packed up in a box and shipped back to California” so that I knew it was time to get out of there. 

I did not tell Joyce or Dave about it; I announced I was leaving and someone from their company gave me a ride all the way up to the northern part of the state where I stayed less than a day at one of my internet radio show’s listener’s home at the time.  He was not prepared to have me there, with his wife’s being incapacitated.  I had to move on, feeling in a crisis, and I realized I trusted Linda Kennedy too much and had caught myself up short with nowhere to go and no money to go on.  I hitch-hiked from there to another house of a radio show listener I had spoken to and felt I had tumbled downhill from one place to the next, with a feeling of crumbling hopes and dreams.  I was on my crisis journey that led me eventually to Christ.  

Looking around online, I found the Ripoff Report that I think was written by the same attorney, Linda Kennedy.  Who else could write the things she said.  Briefly checking, I found Ripoff Reports about her in return. 

I know that Linda had been fired by Dave and Joyce.  Linda admitted to me that she was very mean to Dave to make him do things she wanted him to do.  She said she would order him to do things she wanted done and that she was quite mean about it, but he never fought her, never tried getting rid of her because she worked hard for them and she was working hard for what Joyce wanted, or something along those lines.  It’s been a long time so I don’t remember everything she said.  I  have not thought of these people for many years except that I had wondered what happened when Joyce and Dave went their separate ways.  I did check a time or two during the 12 or more years since I have been there.  They seemed the happy couple working the radio shows and being on-air together.

I watched a video in Joyce’s honor where she had interviewed guest Dr. Lorraine Day after Joyce had made public her breast cancer.  I read through the records of many in her listening audience who were talking about Joyce’s cancer and that she would use natural treatments only, bypassing the normal radiation and chemo treatments that caused so many to be sick and weak.  She was a Patriot, wanting what’s best for our Vets, tirelessly keeping the cause alive.  She did what she felt she believed in; avoiding doctors and using natural treatments.  She shared what it meant to be an American Patriot.  I’m sure there are many who still miss her voice on radio greatly.

7 thoughts on “My Memories Of Joyce Riley, Dave vonKleist And Linda Kennedy At The Power Hour Radio Station”

  1. Wolves in sheep’s clothing sad to say. You’ve traveled a bumpy road Suzanne but have met kind brothers and sisters along the way. If I may say you write very well. Have you ever self published on Amazon! Might be something to look into if you care for that idea. I wish I could help you but have financial limitations and am concerned about our future. Living in a van is kind of something we are still looking into. God bless you sister

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    1. I hope it works out for you and I understand the stress of financial hardship. You’ve been very kind in the past and I send my prayers to you and your wife. I have often thought that writing would be the doorway to my income, but I have never put it together yet. I like to share stories about my travels, life’s experiences and what I’ve learned about life since knowing the Lord. He has changed my life; who I am. I will forever be grateful.

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      1. You are living and have lived a very interesting life. You have put the truth of Christ and the gospel out there and although we’ll have opposition because of the world your story is so genuine I believe would make for good reading. What the gospel is and what the gospel isn’t you know very well. Your life is a testimony of the Lord’s intervening. I really believe in your


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