The Coming Convergence: Movie Review

Tonight I watched a movie called “The Coming Convergence” which I wanted to write about in case you’ve not heard about it and want to watch it.  A Christian film, it focuses on bible prophecy and how bible prophecy is always exact and tells the truth.

It says that the bible has over 2,500 prophetic messages and that the bible has survived the rise and fall of countless civilizations, keeping biblical records preserved over time.  Ancient artifacts are still discovered that support religious events talked about in the bible. 

I jotted topical notes and quotes from the movie that I thought were striking, many that I knew about already.  Here are some.

Mankind today is distracted by things we buy which covers up fear but these things do not last, so what is the value in superficial items? 

There is a paradox in a world that asks what happens to the world.  Some believe instinctively that the world has to end, but not knowing how it will end, they blame God.  The movie’s young star takes us through her reasoning about why she is still on the earth and she asks, how can the world blame someone who they don’t believe is there?

The bible talks about the convergence of catastrophic events in the end times that we are in now, how ominous things come upon the earth that will be cataclysmic natural disasters.  Earthquakes have increased in frequency and intensity and earthquakes symbolize “birth pains” of the world.

Regarding earthquakes, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) data of the last 100 years point to the fact that earthquakes are in fact increasing, and how the USGS is in denial of their own data.

The bible talks about how the stars will be darkened, the moon will turn to a red blood color and the sun will turn black in several places.  Examples are Matt 24:29; Acts 2:20; Joel 2:31.  These darkenings of the stars, moon and the sun would be caused by the ash caused by volcanic eruptions resulting from the increase in earthquakes, and that earthquakes will occur in unusual places.  Many volcanoes lie under the ocean and are not yet discovered, it is thought.

Man cannot create perfection, even in a time that the world might find it’s savior in a man risen up to save the world; we know him as “the antichrist” who we know will not keep his peaceful stance in the world but will cause great destruction, leading to the Apocalypse.  

The world is raising up death itself, but the purpose of destroying life on earth again is to end the suffering and death going on now.  God proves that He is the One True God.

I thought it was a movie worth sharing.  In a documentary format, it interweaves some of the well-known Christians who study prophecy, adding their commentary about the facts of bible prophecy, proving the point that God stands true to his word he has given the world in which to know what happens in the end times, his history and prophecy that repeats itself from the Old Testament throughout the New.

What an exciting time we live in.

12 thoughts on “The Coming Convergence: Movie Review”

    1. I watched the whole movie and was left depressed, angry and confused, even though I know there will be a rapture with Christ and a millennial kingdom.

      Why would you leave the HOPE out of this movie ? Why did you leave GOD out of this movie. You know how Ezekial 38 ends. You know what “hour” Christ was talking to his disciples about. You did not share so much of the “end of days” with your viewers.

      You did a good job validating the bible, although I wish you had not added the dead sea scrolls. You did not talk about how all of the writers were inspired by the Holy Spirit. You left out the meeting of the Lord in the clouds. How could you leave out all of revelation 20-22?

      Please make a sequel explaining that accepting and living for GOD in Christ Jesus will send people into 1000 years of a Christ ruled world of peace. The girl was going to jump out of the window?? It seemed like her suicide would take her to God???

      The fact that you are listed as a Christian movie is even scarier. I would not show this movie at my tiny church,
      now that I have seen your “endings”.

      May you all be lovers of Christ Jesus and be raptured out of here, but Please ask to be forgiven for leaving all Hope out of your movie.

      Thank you for reading this,
      Kim J Overton


  1. Just came across this review, as the movie was suggested for me on YouTube and I wanted to check it out. It’s now posted on my Twitter and Facebook feeds. Gob bless you and stay well.


  2. The film completely glosses over the biblical warnings of the corruption of our own church and the abundant warnings in the New Testament of false teachers. The other key point of the movie seems to be the justification of the current modern state of Israel. There was no mention of God’s Covenant in Deuteronomy and the facts that the State of Israel was started by the Rothschild family. I seriously doubt that God has gathered his children back to the promise land who are primarily Atheists and who conduct themselves as the spiritual descendents of the Pharisees, Scribes, Publicans and Chief Priests, the likes of which Jesus routinely and consistently castigated while he was with us in flesh.


    1. You’re welcome, Suzanne. And thank you. I enjoy reading and sharing thought on these subjects. I’ve only started reading the Bible a little over a year ago, so I have a lot to learn but I take the process very seriously.

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  3. David K, congratulations for reading the bible. I became a Christian for real maybe 5 years ago so am a new Christian. Keep reading it! I find nothing better to give me strength and uplift me knowing Jesus Christ is alive and well! Bless you and take care!


  4. It would have been so fitting to have added a short, clear message about the need for salvation in the movie that we are all sinners in need a Savior. His name is Jesus & we must believe and repent of our sins to be assured of heaven someday. Seems as if they missed a good opportunity to tell the most important part about Jesus’ salvation message! People can see in the movie what is coming on the earth The rest was well done


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