Living Without The Baggage Of Men’s Lies

Looking back into my work as a mental health clinician for so many years, I understand the direction that I took then, going to graduate school, in my life.   

Those years were full of turmoil and I found myself wanting myself as my own therapist but not knowing God then.  It made for a strange outlook on life.

How is one supposed to be their most intelligent counsel?  How was I led into those horrible experiences I had to suffer through and why had I gone through life that way?

I had my own advice to follow.  I did what the world said.  I went to graduate school, had a child and owned a home.  Now what did the world have to say about that?

The feedback I got was that people began hating me – I lost my family of origin and my own child, two marriages and a career I didn’t fit in, the same way I feel now being in the job I have now.

But only it is worse now without the money I made while working as a mental health clinician.

Leaving that job behind has been a God-send, however, because now that I am “saved” I see that going in the direction of mental health counseling and earning a PhD in psychology would only have put me further into debt in a career I do not want.

It’s funny how the Lord Jesus Christ changes it all when you finally believe and take that plunge into believing fully and He makes your life change.  I know I did the right thing to leave a career based upon human emotions and what the culture of the day dictates.  It’s all hogwash to me now. 

What a joke it is to believe that mankind can somehow read into the mind’s of men and say they are this and that, diagnosing them in a way that is not Godly.

Why base a diagnosis on a so-called science that is driven by men that have no God in their lives?  Do they know the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ?  Do they have enough information to help people heal?  Do they have the power of the Holy  Spirit to guide them?

After all, how can mankind know what a person really needs?

Psychology steers mankind away from God.

I am glad I got out.  I have a chance at living a better life, living for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior who has given me the hope of having a better life, and at the end of my life in my body he saves me from death.

I want to live again with Jesus in my afterlife that I believe in.  Nothing can be better.

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