Spiritual Realm Leads Us To Soothsayers If We Don’t Know Christ Jesus

Are modern day Christians who profess to be Prophets simply practicing what age-old soothsayers practiced?  

There are so many forms of foreseeing the future that one can only use their imagination to predict any story or form of amusement they want to using the many and endless tools of a soothsayer.

Take crystal balls, for instance.  Soothsayers used crystal balls for seeing into the future, much like the Wicket Witch of the West in The Wizard Of Oz movie.  On one website I read about using a crystal ball, it described the ambiance of lighting candles, and building your “ability” to see things in shiny or reflective mediums, even gazing at water contained in a dark container.  You build your awareness of seeing shapes and interpreting them to mean something; how creative you get signifies your clairvoyant abilities to obtain messages and meaning from your angels or spirit guides.

That website was all very disturbing to read as I become more cognizant of how many things I have used in the past that were “mystical” and acceptable to being a real atheist.

Then there’s the Ouija board.  Remember those?  I used to have a witch down the street who used the Ouija board and told stories about how the pointer of the Ouija board would fly around the board going crazy, at high speed, pointing out words to the lady who called herself a “white witch”. 

She seemed proud that something would communicate so readily with her.  How sad, to not know that it was caused by some mental defect the lady had with which to try and entertain or feel preferred by the spirits that used her that way.  Little did she know that spirits that must have been influencing her were not holy.

Then there was reading the lines in the palm of one’s hand called palm-reading.  Remember the lifeline, the longest line that runs through the palm of one’s hands?  That was supposed to predict the length of one’s life.  How odd that thought seems today.

As well, there was a school I went to where I learned about reading “auras” surrounding people.  Called, The Berkeley Psychic Institute, I thought I was extra-special by being “open” to sensing certain color formations I imagined I could perceive, by energy sensitivity, or some other crazy feeling-sense that I felt existed around a person.

I realize it became a way to try and have control over my future so that I did not think about death and the reality of the body dying.  If I had special powers I could basically see myself to be so special that those spirits who were hovering over my and providing these powers I felt I had might make me so special that I would never die.

That was the hope, at least.  I think it was a subconscious desire to live on after I died.  I believe now that our Creator through Jesus Christ wants us to live forever through Him, and that this silly idea of making oneself a creature that could predict a future of someone may have been away to express my desire to know Him, without really knowing who he was.

With no special treating in the bible and hearing snippets from people I didn’t’ know very well about Christ, one can only imagine what kind of story we made up to make ourselves happy that we were spirit beings and would live on.  We had no way to explain it, we just knew.  It was the wrong spirit guides, was the problem.

And not knowing Christ makes one afraid of the finality of death, I believe.  I would submit that having a story to tell oneself about dying makes the idea of death bearable to some.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Realm Leads Us To Soothsayers If We Don’t Know Christ Jesus”

  1. I remember playing with a Ouija Board when I was young. As kids we liked monster movies, ghosts and things. We knew they weren’t real so it was just fun imagining about it but that same ignorance is part of the deception of the demonic realm. The Soothsayers and Mystics are deceived and deceive others and that is the curse as you say those who are outside of Christ. We haven’t an inkling of what it will be like for us in eternity. Such amazing love and grace! Those as we know who have not received Christ are condemned already. John 3:36. We can be a light to them as long as we speak the truth of God’s word. You have been very Spiritual in your writings and have been an inspiration to me. Amen sister. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. Tearick, thank you for being an inspiration to me. Your truth and honesty is a blessing. Isn’t he an amazing God who would save us from those things; save us from our own ignorance and give us a second chance? I love God. Yes, being a light to others has an effect on people. Who can resist God’s love?

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