God Loves; Jesus Saves

And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother. – 1 John 4:21

Have you ever listened to those people who say that “Jesus is the Savior of the world and he loves everyone”, and so we are to love everyone to be like Jesus.  I’ve heard those statements too, yet I pause at the thought, and for several reasons.

We are not Jesus, we are people.  Separating what we are from who Jesus is is important.  We did not die a horrible death in order to save people from their sin and ultimate deaths, where they end up away from God Almighty for eternity, after they die.

We did not get saved by Mary as the Catholics teach in their reverence and prayers to Mother Mary.  As we know, they are wrong to do that.  And we are nothing like Mary either beings that we were not the mother of Jesus nor did we walk the earth and know Jesus when he was a man who walked the earth.  Still, Mary saves no one.

At the same time, we love brothers and sisters in the Lord, who have the Holy Spirit to guide them and teach them the ways of Jesus – as best as we can, being that we are not Jesus and are not Holy like he is.  He is seated at the right hand of the father, and holds a special place in the Father’s heart.  Why wouldn’t we believe we are the saved children of the Lord Jesus Christ with a Father who sits us down and teaches us his Words to live by?  Who waves us from our sins on the earth and forgives us, letting us stay by his side in the hope of becoming more like Jesus, more or less, as we are capable of, being humans in mind, heart and body.

Jesus was alive and he saved those True believers; it is an ultimate gift to us.  Why can’t we love others the same way Jesus did?

He didn’t especially love the people who went against him and wanted his death.  He knew they would kill him and was very aware that they might want to sway people against him so that they would not believe him.

This was evil.  The same way Our Father reduced the earth to floods that kept only eight people alive, because he got angry and got rid of all the sinful people to start from scratch.

Now why would a loving God who people call “love”, kill off all the people of the world and start off with eight people, starting from scratch, to start the world’s population again?  Isn’t it that we are to love one another?

No, the wrong answer is we love everyone on earth the same way God the Father did.  He only loved the eight people he thought were worthy to save, and then let the rest die.

Do you love Jesus?  Then you have the love of the Christ in you and Jesus came to save those who believe in him, and who he is and was on this earth and what he is now.  He is the Son of the Lord God Almighty, and a Savior to the earth.

Our only Savior – there is no other.

3 thoughts on “God Loves; Jesus Saves”

  1. I think I get what you’re saying. People try to downplay God’s holiness and magnify his loving and merciful side. To extract God’s hatred for evil is blasphemy–and sadly, many prosperity minded churches do exactly that.

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