A Christian Numerologist Interprets Crazy Meanings Out Of The Bible

Reading more from Charismatic Chaos, by John F MacArthur, Jr. like I said I was, I found I was in strong agreement with points he was making where it concerns interpreting the bible.  On page 104, he wrote;

Refrain from making a point at the price of proper interpretation.

He elaborates on on a standard where we should interpret what the bible is saying by reading what it truly says, and not twist the meaning.  We should avoid believing that He was attributing certain meanings in scripture that spoke to us directly, or something like that, as if individuals today think that he is describing something meaningful to them directly, and yet not giving his Word to all mankind.  Little Johnny for example, is special and unique; he found several chapter 3’s and verse 15’s in most books of the bible, thinking God had special meaning for him, due to his birthday being March 15th.  Finding special meanings such as this is totally off-track and needs clearing up.  That is not how God “talks”.  

John MacArthur described several errors in how people may read and misinterpret scripture; giving false meaning to statements found in the words of God.  We should not bend the meaning of each verse in the bible, making up special meanings. 

I read how one blogger wrote that paying attention when you become aware that certain numbers are brought to your attention and are repeated somewhere supposedly means God is speaking specially to that person.  He went so far as to explain that if you were to notice the same numbers appearing somewhere in many places over a period of days or hours, you should become aware that “God is talking all the time” and you should find out what those numbers mean according to what you find in the bible. 

A way of thinking about this numbers-seeking by way of explaining what the bible says was explained as, “God is getting the attention of his kids!”, according to this blogger.  The blogger went on to say; “What means something to me, may mean something completely different to you”.  This could mean that when we see numbers repeating during the day, such as the time on a clock matching the date of some upcoming event could mean that “God talks to us, each one individually”.  My statement to that line of thinking is that if you don’t know what those numbers were supposed to mean, then you could be in big trouble with God.  He could be a confused Father in Heaven, not really able to express his thoughts in the bible. 

Who knew?  Such a confused Father in heaven could create humanity and the universe but not know what he’s talking about.  We have to explain it to ourselves and tell others that God is repeating himself, showing these repeating numbers so that I see them and this has special meaning to me because “he’s waking his kids up!”. 

What a cult we have to listen to and try to explain that these frauds are full of it to others who are new at this, and do not get the right message from the people developing concepts, and explaining special stories they have made up about what they read in the bible.  We fight a hard battle against Satan and men full of sinfulness and we might drive them off if we talk more about God.  With accuracy and not some made-up bible message.

Anyone can find a secret message in the bible meant for them I guess.  How special we might think we are to the eyes of God above to have written special messages in His Bible just for us.  We may interpret them through numerology, or palmistry or other such man-made, weird concepts where the truth does not matter and we are gods who have special meaning to God who tries to speak to us through numbers, not making sense.

God must be confused.  He must not mean what we think he means in His Word.  He wrote it all wrong and now we have to rely on his being a fringe and crazy God who means what he says as long as it is some combination of numbers meaning something to someone who can interpret findings of scripture numbers that can hold a huge, over-arching message about life or death or future special meanings. 

Such as, chapter verses that match, such as 11:11, found in various chapters, might be construed as “meaning” awakening spiritually to a revival to take place somewhere on the 11th of November in some year we are unclear about.  Many people believe these things but as we know, these are confused people receiving messages from hell to interpret such silly and childish messages from a life-changing treasure in history, giving us reason to believe we are saved.

We are blessed to have a record of what the Lord Jesus Christ wanted mankind to have and know about his arrival the second time, and how he saves those he loves who love him back.  He gave us all the evidence needed for us to express our joy through his grace and saving love to new believers walking this path as new creatures in Christ.

It saddens me that so many people have found a new idea or biblical plan for mankind that Christ did not say would happen.  My theory about this kind of interpretation of biblical verses is this: their god is a little god of hell who leaves them confused.

Putting numbers first and giving special meaning to phrases in the bible which you might take personally to mean YOU is a wrong characterization of what the bible has to say.  Many think that God speaks to them with certain phrases that have a certain similarity that they conjure up to correspond to their lives today, but He didn’t say this in his bible, that he would say special things to certain people all through time and they know who they are.  He didn’t name them in the bible, these messages are conjured up in the minds of men who don’t understand the bible.  God wasn’t speaking about any individual’s today, not Mary down the street or John at the gas station or Rachel in the grocery store.  He wasn’t talking about them, no.  Unfortunately they are not the apostles and prophets they claim to be.

He isn’t speaking about our neighbors or even famous self-proclaimed “seers” and other special people who talk a big story about how they are anointed and have special powers.  He takes a whole swath of people to explain what they did, and why he became angry in earlier generations of time.  The people were sadly disobedient, they told lies,  they refused to believe who Jesus was, they were inhumanely involved in sacrificial killings of humans and infants, perverse in many ways.  I believe that this was all to explain the reality of man without the One True God and from his Word to explain how to live life, what to believe, and how to rely on the Lord Jesus Christ.

After all, we are all sinners and not Holy in the sight of God.  Without the Lord Jesus we would have no right to be saved, we would perish and never know the love of the Lord in our hearts.

These strange concepts of what the bible might be saying cause people to find skewed and inaccurate meanings of the bible.   Much like numbers used by astrologers, they are reading folklore into the Word of God.  The bible does not say that we should learn numerology or that God speaks “all the time through numbers”.  

Why are these people producing these strange ideas about the numbers they find in the bible?  What is behind all this?  I propose to you that they are confused inside, and can’t understand the bible, perhaps since the Lord God Almighty has confused their minds as a way of saying, “look, this is the wrong way to say what I am saying in this verse”.  It has many people becoming very concerned and angry about the people ascribing these false interpretations to the bible and to our Lord and Savior, and wondering what version of whose teachings they all must ascribe to.

Let’s not read into what the numbers mean that you see on bill-boards, phone numbers or in the bible as being a biblical reality.  That’s just the devil playing with one’s mind.

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