The Holy Spirit Does Not Make Animals Out Of Us

The Holy Spirit is different for lots of folks.  The Holy Spirit teaches us so we understand what the bible really teaches so that we discern the true meaning.  Reading the bible is fairly straightforward and is set in the ways of that time, so socially we live in another culture that is of today, not of those times.  We live in a modern society, for example.  We earn our livings in ways they didn’t have opportunities to then.  Social/cultural rules were different and no one knew that Jesus had much to teach us that has lasted well after he died and rose again.  Nevertheless, it is still not hard to follow the teaching of Jesus and what was written, if you don’t add to the meaning and interpret the words to say something other than it says at face value. 

Prophetic books may carry special meaning using descriptions that convey the terribleness of the future but you will understand those prophetic writings once you have come to understand the meaning of the texts with the guidance of someone who studies the bible for a living, has resources beyond mainstream Christians, and yet at the same time, getting an understanding from the symbols (candlesticks, stars falling from the sky, blood red waters and moons) and how they portray the coming of the end of the earth can be cross-referenced with careful reading and careful study.  Most of Scripture is meant to be read by everyone, and not hidden from the majority of people.

Nowhere does the bible say we are to bark like dogs, crawl around on the floor shaking uncontrollably as we are possessed by the Holy Spirit; that is for some other spirit to make someone do, otherwise it is an altered mental state, or even a person “acting” out what they think being “come upon” by the Holy Spirit will make one act like.  No Holy Spirit will produce a fake language of gibberish to come forth from a person’s mouth; it was always a known language in the bible, no matter what anyone argue’s in the contrary.  This is a dangerous teaching today and no amount of rendering of the bible will point to these activities of being the work of the Holy Spirit of God.

John MacArthur, the author of Charismatic Chaos, wrote that when Paul spoke about the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians, that;

Paul was describing the Holy Spirit’s ministry of illumination.

MacArthur goes on to write that;

…without His illuminating ministry to us, the truth of the Scripture could not penetrate our hearts and minds.

I hate to break it to people, but the Holy Spirit is not making weird animal sounds that make no sense, making people bark or crawl like animals, and is not in the business of making fools of people.  He is illuminating our hearts and minds with what the Word of God says.

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