A Warning: Jan Markell’s Radio Program

Listening to Jan Markell’s radio program that’s found on her Olive Tree Ministries website, entitled “Why We May Be the Terminal Generation“, made me think about all the satanic warfare going on today. 

Catman, Barcroft TV
Photo credit: Barcroft TV

She says we are told we will see the falling of humankind – seeing depravity to new extents never seen before – and how we should see this as a time we are to be prepared  for the returning of the Lord.  She tells us that the bible foretells us this, that we will see the fallen nature of mankind become intense, immoral and dumbed down, where we will feel uncomfortable seeing this and fear for mankind’s sanity. 

She cites the often called for peace all over in the world, which is especially needed in the middle east which is also foretold in Scripture.  She sells a DVD on the foretelling of the times, according to Bible prophecy.

This is a very entertaining audio.  She’s a very good speaker.  Her version is intelligent and warns us that many things we will see are demonic in nature.  

She quotes Romans 1 and this verse in particular comes to mind;

And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, … Romans 1:28

Thinking about this further, I watched a video a few nights ago that demonstrated the loss of minds to me with the proliferation of using plastic surgery to completely change the way a person looks.  In particular, “Cat Man” screams that we are witnessing people’s minds being in a depraved state where one man wants to look like a cat, disfiguring his face horribly so that he doesn’t really look like a human, but a weird, disfigured totem figure, a depraved mind seeing himself as a cat instead of a human being.

Here’s the video:

DOCS: The World’s Strangest Plastic Surgery And Me

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