My Favorite Pastors And Teachers: End Times Prophecy

I’m appreciating being home on the weekend that allows me to read, listen to and watch videos from Christian leaders.   Some of my favorites, in no particular order that I learn the most from are:  John MacArthur; Charles Stanley; JD Farag; Justin Peters; Amir Tsarfati; Jan Markell; Charles Lawson; and Billy Crone, to  name a few.

Gary Stearman w/Jan Markell guest
Photo credit: Gary Stearman on Prophecy Watchers with guest Jan Markell

I long for fellowship with the believers who are ready for the Rapture; ready for the Lord’s coming to snatch away the Church any day now, for the world is seeing clearly the warning signs of the coming Tribulation, we will be rescued as believers of Jesus Christ.

In a show hosted by Gary Stearman, Jan Markell says that the church is in its last days, we will likely see that we will be taken up and out of the world in short order.  Of course we cannot know the date or the time which it says in the bible, but she says it may be soon.  

During his program, Gary Stearman said; 

Jan Markell … has a talent for looking at what’s going on and then very clearly presenting the events in the latter day church.

See Jan as she speaks with Gary about the Church’s being in “the last hour”.

Jan Markell: The Fall of the Modern Church


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