Finding My Niche: Healing Compassion

But those who suffer he delivers in their suffering; he speaks to them in their affliction. – Job 26:15


I’m at a time in my life at a crossroads.  I have been here awhile, searching the job ads, wanting a more fulfilling job.

We spend so much time, 40 hours or more, working in someone’s business being a cog in a wheel.  Someone can always replace us being unimportant enough to let go without any warning.  It’s not a stable life, being employed in an “at will” state.  I currently live in Washington state.

I came across the bible verse at the top of this blog post after taking several hours today mulling over my job possibilities.  Always wanting a successful business, I thought about the things I enjoy and the things I believe I can do well.  My strength seems to always boil down to having a listening ear, and a caring heart.  I was made to be a counselor, a compassionate therapist, always putting the client first.

I have always enjoyed being on someone’s side, one who is hurting and suffering the humiliations of never finding their way in life, dealing with obstacles, not having anyone believe in them.  My joy is helping to build someone up, to encourage them.  My writing and research helps me enjoy my field when I can write a lesson plan, a homework assignment or a workshop training manual to support my clients.  

My will is to be a paid counselor but my faith won’t allow me to join the life of a worldly counselor, one who has no concept of God and they are on the wrong track.  As Christians we know that they come from a place of idol-worship.  They may know Buddha, or Zen.  Whatever it is, it is the wrong person or entity to believe in.  There are millions of examples; it may be something unheard of.  But without Jesus Christ they are following the wrong path.

Not all are Christians.  They may say they are, but not have a true relationship with Our Living God, the God of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the triune God of our eternity, the hope and Savior of humanity.  If you believe, I mean really and truly believe from the heart.

So when I asked the Lord in his wisdom, what am I really cut out to do?  He always answers in my mind and heart, after listing my strengths and all that my talent may lay in.  My special gift that pops out to me, one that not many people may have, that I always do well at is believing in Christ and loving those suffering people who cry out for compassion.  This is always my gift, I think.  The center of my being; it is always my easiest thing that I can do: offer my heart to reach the suffering person.  They always accept.

Taking my time to give to another person, a healing balm, a caring person who may be a stranger to them but who is well-accomplished in my craft, a soul sharing of hope, love and strength, a compassionate listener.  I have had this gift all my life.  Whether I like it or not, this seems to be my gift.

Looking at this further, giving a person the time it takes to really be there and listen, may take several hours.  People don’t know it but they need someone to care and listen.  When people listen, giving time to a person’s expression of their pain, seems to open a doorway to someone’s inner being; a soul-sickness that needs healing.

Only the Healing Master of God can really work wonders of healing in a person’s heart.  I may be a compassionate soul on my own, but He does the real healing in a person’s soul.  I cannot do this of my own humanness but He can heal me enough to know that I can trust the Maker of our souls.

2 thoughts on “Finding My Niche: Healing Compassion”

  1. That was beautifully written Suzanne. With that kind of empathy you would be an excellent friend of women but not towards men. If you were to console hurting men they would probably start having feelings for you and maybe even fall in love with you. Showing Mercy is a gift from God. All the years of pain is shaping you into the image of Christ. I know another sister like you who has gone through a lot of sufferings and the character the Lord has created in her and you is awesome. God bless you Suzanne.

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