About My Work & My Resume: Counseling

LinkedIn sm photo (1)My Master’s Degree is in Counseling Psychology.  I have relevant coursework at the PhD level in Psychology but could afford to finish my doctorate degree.

My reason for posting this resume is in the hopes of re-entering the field of Counseling.  I have lately discovered a reason for going into the field again, although I have several concerns about doing so.

I can post this blog post on my LinkedIn articles page while I seek employment and change jobs to transition away from the administration job I have now.  I am encouraged I have a friend in nursing who believes I can transfer my career to Counseling after being away from it for a long time.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

I can remain stubborn and forget the counseling field, and I can serve the Lord as a secular counselor.  Either way, I have bills to pay and jobs in office administration are just not cutting it. 

I have been suffering from low wages for many years, involving the mortgage banking crash of 2009 and other issues revolving around fighting for custody of my daughter.  I learned the law rather well back in those days since I did so much work around helping parents who were suffering from parental alienation and domestic violence/sexual assault, fraud on the court(s), frauded documents and crooks in the legal system.

Posting my resume on LinkedIn may even attract Christian opportunities in the counseling field in my area.  I live near Seattle, Washington. 



Seeking re-entry into the Counseling field.  Specialty in mentally ill adults and desire position compassionately helping people in transition.


Provided counseling and therapy as a licensed intern in California to adults with co-occurring disorders (seriously mentally ill and chemically dependent), and foster children as a therapist/social worker for a foster family agency in Sacramento, California.

  • Practiced several modalities and interventions in a psychiatric hospital, county crisis unit, individual and group therapy, for stress reduction, anger management, cognitive behavioral interventions, coaching new behaviors, nutritional educational groups, psycho-education, healthy coping strategies
  • Provided clinical assessments
  • Wrote treatment plans in support of client goals, working collaboratively with other mental health professionals, probation officers, and school teachers, periodically reviewing them to update progress
  • Provided diagnoses utilizing DSM 4 for crisis unit near Sacramento, California, and provided clinical assessments where needed to support the involuntary admissions to psychiatric hospitals
  • Patient’s rights advocate for patients during their certification hearings against psychiatric hospitals for discharge from psychiatric hospitals
  • Educated and provided materials to support clients in recovery for their mental illness and/or chemical dependency issues as treatment group facilitator
  • Case-managed up to 15 foster children making home visits, training foster parents, writing quarterly reports for Child Protective Services case managers
  • Recommended by University performance reviewer to earn PhD to teach master’s level students earning a doctorate degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix
  • Conducted intake assessments and determined level of treatments for chemical dependency clients and referred clients into long-term residential treatment programs
  • Made referrals to outside agencies where appropriate
  • Completed training to become a University Instructor for University of Phoenix


PhD Coursework in Psychology, Walden University, (online) Minneapolis, MN and Saybrook Institute, San Francisco, CA 1999 – 2003
Master’s in Counseling Psychology, National University – Sacramento, CA 1999
Bachelor’s in Journalism, University of California – Sacramento, CA 1996
Associate’s, in General Education, Napa Valley College – Napa, CA 1994
Associate’s, Liberal Arts. Napa Valley College – Napa, CA 1992


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (MFTI #39130) July 2001 to July 2003, CA

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