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Video: Extending Lifespans And Ministering To The Dying

As I realize more and more where I belong in God’s Kingdom, using compassion is key to my work here on earth.

Understanding life’s end-stage transitions and the reality of life ending for people until the Lord raptures up his people, the need to plan for and realize the end of life is a process that so many people will experience.

How does one know they are at the end-stage of their lives, what do they think about, what are they feeling, and what doe they want the most are questions to be asked in order that people who want to serve in the capacity of bedside laypersons, caring compassionate “end of life companioners” to the dying should really understand.

Here, my initial video into the world of the dying, talks about the two big generations of the U.S. population, and how they will need compassionate, caring people at their bedsides during the last days of their lives on earth.  



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