How To Discover Your God-Given Gifts And Follow Your Path


Making changes in life means doing something new: taking time to reflect on who you are, what you want to know, where you want to go in life, and staying on that path are keys to getting where you want to go.

It’s not hard to know what you want.  What do you want when you have time to yourself, when you think: I wish I could … 

What do you wish you could do?  Go on a hike?  Write a book?  Spend more time with your child?  What is your heart longing to do when you have time to feel it, think it and imagine it?

I ask God.  I ask; Lord Jesus, what is it I am to do in this world?  What would you have me do?  What was I cut out for?  He answers.

He tells me in my heart; “your talents lay here”, and “you are a gifted speaker, more knowledgeable areas that could really help people”.  That is what I find when I ask the Lord, and wait upon Him.

Today I heard a woman speaking on a video she made about how making the investment in yourself is the most valuable way to spend time.  By learning, never giving up on yourself.  By not wanting to quit.  

Know your calling and spend time reflecting on it.  God will help you get on the path that is right for you but you must listen.  Let Him tell you in your heart and mind.  Mentally be prepared for what He wants you to do.  It may surprise you that he thinks you are gifted enough to move into a direction you never thought of but will serve people.

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, He is washing yours if you let Him.  Let him know you are wanting answers, he will respond kindly, knowing you completely, knowing your abilities and talents, and knowing how to fulfill your hearts and minds.

Serving others is a gift, a reward in itself.  Get with Jesus more and ask him what to do.

He will respond.

5 thoughts on “How To Discover Your God-Given Gifts And Follow Your Path”

  1. Thanks Suzanne for the exhortation. I have been wanting to start over regarding a dream I have had for many years but through a lot of discouragement and some physical problems I had completely stopped. I am almost 60 but still have adesjrefkr it. Some years ago I had an idea that really excited me but the Lord would not let me do it because of I would be asked to do things I could not do as a Christian. So for 10+ years I had let it be a distant hope thinking somehow the Lord might make a way. I could do it for Christians but not for the world as they would want perverseness. It is an art application I am speaking of. I get older in my body especially my shoulders begin to break down even more I think that I should move in that direction while I can. I was working at a sign shop for about 20 years but it was mostly computer-generated, screen printed signage for Highway and road construction so not a lot of art application. During those days I self taught myself to do fluorescent window splashes which really took off and I was creating quite a number of clientele. I got married and things changed quite a bit and so I ended up just doing it part-time to the point of not doing it at all but just worked in Janitorial. As a Christian doing janitorial work was Low key and for the most part Pleasantly quiet work it’s really appeal to me. Like you I have had problems with people and as a Christian sometimes it can be overwhelming. As far as spiritual gifts has always been as a helper and one who likes to share the gospel with those who would hear it which aren’t many. I appreciate the uplifting words and I’m hoping to start doing the fluorescent window splashes again. Being just before the holiday season I should pick up a few clients and then slowly move from full-time to part-time and my janitorial job which has been hard on my body because I’m always stomping around but seems like miles in a night LOL. Have a good day Suzanne thanks again and God bless.


    1. It’s time tearick to give the Lord your problems in this – janitorial work is hard, I’ve done it myself. I hope and pray that you find success in window splashes; it sounds like a fantastic idea, especially for the holidays! Family-friendly is my motto, and it has to pass the test; is it appropriate for kids? The world bombards us with perversities as normalicies. What a dreadful world we live in! I pray for your success, tearick, and God bless.


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