God’s Plan For My Life Today Makes Sense

trees3When starting my new job I realized that God had a plan for me.

As I’ve blogged about the issue of being a Christian counselor I realized that working in a non-clinical position, but having to use my counseling skills, Master’s in Counseling Psychology degree as a requirement for the position, fulfilled a desire I have to help people but stay away from the DSM part (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

That is the part I have real problems with.

To start off with there are no real inferences to what sin causes in people’s lives, nor is there a reference to all Satan can do to a person.  Nor does it ever reference God as being Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so you see – being the healer that he is and having all the answers to life, and healing us from within, starting with the spirit of God working on us to make us healthy, deliver us from our sinful natures and all that stuff, I can’t fully endorse something I don’t believe in.

I would rather have gone to a Christian bible college and learned the ways of God first, then chosen a field of study.  I did not have the information then so I chose Psychology.  It seemed a comfortable place to begin, while learning about my family issues which are quite extensive.

But they may have been for you or anyone reading this blog.

Where are we today?  Is there a God in your life?

If so, which one?  Maybe you better examine the Lord God Almighty and then really study the bible to learn His ways.  Pray and get guidance over your life.  It will be worth it in the end, both literally and figuratively speaking.

4 thoughts on “God’s Plan For My Life Today Makes Sense”

  1. I can imagine that Luke the physician might have gone through a similar experience as well. Being in fellowship with the son of God and watching The Miracles and listening to his wisdom probably changed the way he viewed medicine. If anything your degree in psychology is going to benefit probably in many ways as you progress. 🙂

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  2. I hope so tearick that I will use my education for God. I am kept in the dark about what it will be like in a few years, where I will be in my career – unless we are raptured up of course 🙂 but I always appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments : )
    I pray for your and your loved ones peace and prosperity in the coming months and for the time we have on earth!
    Take care 🙂


  3. I just recently found my faith in the realest form, and I have been battling anxiety and depression for many years. I was a victim of sibling abuse, and have been carrying that trauma for the last 3 decades. Now that I have found my faith I now know why anxiety affects the body so very hard. It is because it is not natural! God never intended our bodies to experience it! I have been struggling to give it all to God, and truly feel at peace through God. I start therapy for the first time ever on Thursday. I am leery on starting, and I don’t want to go against God’s control over my life. But I cannot do it alone. I have sought assistance from my church and friends, but I need the steps. I need a professional to help me. I feel God leads Christians to psychology, so that other Christians can receive the true help they need. You can help in that field more than you know with using your faith as your premise!
    I went to school and obtained a BA in Business Administration and a MA in Organizational Management, and I am now a stay-at-home-mom with no desire to work in an office secluded to the world. I wish I researched, and considered my purpose for God in those days. But at the time I just wanted a job that could pay the bills as a single mother. I was nowhere near the start to spiritual maturity.
    Best of luck as you search for God’s True Plan in your life.
    By faith Michelle,

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    1. Hi Michelle, I am so glad to hear from you! Thank you for your forthrightness and for sharing your experience. It’s hard when we have anxiety, and I see your point in wanting a person, someone trained in therapy to help lead you out of anxiety. I think it’s a good choice and I’m hoping it works out well for you!

      We all need support at times in life; I am just wondering where I fit in.

      You and I share the commonality that we were not yet Christians when we earned our Master’s degrees, by the sound of what you wrote. He may use something you have learned to care for someone in your journey, especially someone or someone(s) who need to know Christ in their lives!

      I wish you the best in your journey, and I thank you again for posting your thoughts here so I may read them. Best to you on your journey!
      With love in Christ.


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