His Time Is Near, He Holds Us Close To His Heart

artistic blossom bright clouds
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As I keep up with the news today and see the chaos, boundaries being violated of our borders, homes (Tucker Carlson) and the general way the liberals are acting toward people eating in restaurants, the Antifa destruction and other destructive behaviors physically and verbally, including CNN’s Jim Acosta’s bad behavior toward an Intern at the White House, I know we all are stumped at what is happening in our world, even just here in the U.S.

If you are tired of living in these times because of the destruction by those around us ruining it for us all, just remember, the time is near and we are under the wings of our Protector and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Strengthen your faith today in prayer and keep reading the bible.  Seek comfort in the knowledge that God’s plan is working, He is on the throne and we will be seeing him in the near future, comparatively speaking!

Join other believers who hold the faith as we do, online if you have to.  There are good Christians everywhere who hold the same belief as we do; not the fake “Christians” who have fallen away.  Get into some good bible studies, friend those who have strong faith and who rightly divide the Word.  May we hold hands as brothers and sister glorifying the Lord God and feel joy that He is near and keeps us held tightly in his loving arms!  Praise the Lord!

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