Saying Good-Bye! The Lord calls!

Today I’m watching the news and following bible prophecy from Pastors who I trust and often tune into, and I have come to the decision, maybe God intended, for me to wait on working online and giving up this blog.

I know He has the best in mind and has a plan for me – however it involves volunteering with a local hospice in my neighborhood.  

I am sure you will find me at other places such as LinkedIn, if you care to follow me there although I’m not too active any more on LinkedIn, but will be there in case you want to contact me – or just be a connection.

I want to thank you for your special and very meaningful comments, I have enjoyed every one!  

I wish you well and am praying for you to have the joy of the Lord in your hearts!

9 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye! The Lord calls!”

  1. If you ever start another blog or other endeavor you may add my email. I think you have it. Take care and God bless! I will keep your Word press account. Rick

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    1. Hi Rick, I will keep track of the blog as much as I can and I so appreciate sharing our faith in the Lord Jesus. If I have another blog/site, it would be an outgrowth of this one; I feel called by the Lord to do something special, as when he turns the bad experiences we Christians have, or have had, into something good. I will keep you in mind (and on my list) of anything I write going forward. I value your friendship in Christ and pray that you and your wife are doing well, keeping strong in the faith!


      1. I just realized I cant locate your email address, so would you please send me a message on my contact page, then I will have it 😊 Thank you.


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