Welcoming TI’s Who Are Seeking Christ


Over the last several years of life, I have often wondered how my story can help others since it was a long, torturous journey I have kept hidden from my co-workers and friends, even family members.  “They cannot know the truth”, I would think, because I feared they may not know enough to understand what I have been through.

Not only was I a victim of the crazy courts when I fought to maintain custody of my only child so many year ago but I was the victim of electronic torture.

Or so I thought.

You may have heard about this; people saying they are stalked “electronically”, that weapons are so far advanced that they can kill a person.  Shooting them from long-distance, through the air, striking them in the mind and bodies and harming them.

Well, I thought that was what was happening to me, long ago.  Until I read how Christ was able to free a boy from several demons that inhabited his poor, suffering body.  They made him foam at the mouth while throwing him down on the ground, harming him mercilessly, over and over again.  (Mark 9:14-29)

  *   *   *

…even the most advanced technology can’t make someone hear voices or experience a different reality. –*

One can wait for mankind to shut off the weapons they believe are harming them, or try and trace them in the hope of exposing such a tragic waste of life, or the can turn to Christ Jesus, whose name is above all other names, and created the universe.

Christ overcame all that Satan has done.  

Satan caused the downfall of mankind when Eve, in the Garden of Eden, listened to and believed Satan.  She ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and so did Adam.  They became the first fallen humans who disobeyed God who warned them to not touch or eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

There was no other way on earth that man could undo the damage; the fallen nature of all people’s of the earth could never be undone and corrected.  We would no longer walk with God, or be pure from having a sinful nature.  We were born into sin and that’s the way mankind is.

Why would a person who thinks they are a victim of energy-directed weapons wait to find out how they can stop the “attacks” and protect themselves, calling upon the government to intervene for them, when Christ overcame all.  He has overcome Satan’s tempting him, he has overcome all the evil desires of humans, he cast out demons from people, and healed them from all maladies that they came to him with.  He is the cure, the creator of the universe and beyond and all that ever has been or will be.

They are still attacking US citizens through covert, powerful electronic weapons today, and the victims are the targeted individuals. –*

Why not call upon Him as a way to walk you through this terrible time in your life?

According to bible prophecy, there may not be enough time to solve the world’s crises; of mankind’s inhumane treatment of man and any other malady or world crisis that we may have been in and may be headed for?

With all the things that are wrong with the world today, why not call upon the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and ask that He help you with your problems, solve them for you and walk you through them to ultimately enjoy the peace, comfort and joy of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ?

  *   *   *

Another year has gone by and I am seemingly getting stronger every day, back to earning a normal livelihood, living life going to the gym, going for walks and blogging on one of my blogs.

It struck me the other day that I was being prompted through what may have been an angel after prayer or which may have been a Holy Spirit prompting that I may want to help targeted individuals who are seeking Christ find answers through prayer.  I began to wonder how my being helped out of that life of being a TI years ago could help others who were suffering and wanting to know Christ.

Was there a group out there who would seek the Lord Jesus Christ and share scriptures of the Bible, God’s Holy Word, to help them come to terms with what is happening in their lives?

  *   *   *

This is a big topic and a few short blog posts are not going to explain what joy I have had in my ‘recovery’ from being a TI, and years ago being inhabited by demons – or one demon, I am not sure which – and managing to regain my mind and body under my control.

The suffering ended, incrementally I began to feel well, although it took several years.

I came to Christ maybe four or possibly five years ago when I sought the answer to my plight; why had I endured years of suffering and torture, even to the point of not having control of my body and mental faculties, enough to know that something very wrong was being done to me?

Not having a mental health diagnosis, but yet having been a clinician in the field I knew there was something wrong – very wrong.  As I tell my story I am bombarded with memories of the physical torture I went through and founding a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit in the state of Ohio, to address the issues of electronic stalking, torture and murder.

And now, writing this post has brought back memories of where I was in life when this happened and why it may be that God chose another life for me, free of the satanic interference I believe I had been experiencing from well before I knew Jesus Christ as my Savior.

I am hoping in my blog to discuss and maybe analyze what I know about targeting by electromagnetic weaponry, TI’s, and the whole counseling field.

Maybe this is why, in my line of work, I have never resolved what had been happening to these people, nor myself when it was happening, for I had no references by the Lord to be exposed to; no biblical training nor education, I was on my own.  It was not the best answer to deal with these issues because they are overwhelming in nature and we cannot function being attacked spiritually in ways that Satan knows how to attack humankind.

This may be an explanation I wanted early in life; I did not understand things that happened in my own, unbelieving family.  Much has been explained through my studying the bible and learning from others who have brought me much more knowledge to gain an understanding of what had happened to my family as well as to myself.

One person I’d like to refer to is Pastor Billy Crone who is well-versed in the AI developments of our current technological revolution.  He talks about how Satan talked to Eve in the garden and that churches don’t deal with this issue; how demonic warfare can harm humans and that demons are real entities.  It says so in the bible and we must believe they are real.

I have so much to share now that I have finally come out with this issue as it is known by so many; “targeting individuals” who call themselves “TI’s”, because they refer to themselves as “targeted individuals”.

I believe God has brought me to this point because time is short, and some have said that we are the generation that will be received by Christ up into his catching away of the church, also known as the rapture of the church.  Here’s an example of the reasoning behind this if you watch this very informative video.

There is much more that I could write but I will save some for a later blog post.  You may think that since I can’t make up my mind whether to keep writing and publishing this blog or now is a sign that I must not be able to make up my mind.  That’s a fair statement.  It is just frightening to think that my colleagues at work and at previous jobs and perhaps even a family member, might read what I have to say would not try to judge whether I am of sound mind, only we are assured that we will be given sound minds according to the bible:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, – 2 Timothy 1:7 and of a sound mind.

As we Christians already know, people will go against us because they went against Jesus before us and the darkness of evil in people, and in spirits, hate the light.

For you were at one time darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of the light – Ephesians 5:8

We are the lights that shine in the darkness, and that is why I am writing this post.



* Yan, Laura.  “Mind Games: The Tortured Lives of ‘Targeted Individuals’.”,     4 Mar. 2018,

13 thoughts on “Welcoming TI’s Who Are Seeking Christ”

  1. Thank you for your testimony on this issue. I haven’t mentioned this but I have had audio hallucinations and tinnitus for many years. I had been wondering about the effects of cell phone use and how we are daily bombarding our brains with high powered electrical radio waves. I believe my condition is the result of prolonged horrible anxiety. My brain is so overtired it just is worn out. I long for relief. To just spend time away from people and work. God bless you Suzanne. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. 🙂

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    1. Bless you Richard, I am sorry to hear about your conditions, and I pray for your soul and life that you receive your healing sooner than later. What I mean is that someone said we will be in glorified bodies so that at some point in these ‘new’ bodies we will be completely healed. Not in the flesh, of course, yet you state something very important, that I have found to be a problem too – I have had some tinnitus, which you may have referred to in the past – I don’t recall… Anyway, on and off when I hear this I wonder if it is a physiological reason for the cause; but here again, I can’t say for sure since I’m not a physician.

      Yet, I wonder what the cause is since so many have said they hear this and they also hear with what is known as ‘V2K’, TI’s usually talk about this. Voice-to-skull is a weapon that can be directed at someone’s head so that they hear something, a noise, or a voice of someone.

      This is why I can’t go into psychology, as a clinician, Richard, because I have had those kinds of experiences which might be explained by being a physiological reason, or an electromagnetic weapon, or by demonic activity. Demons act in a “supernatural” energy space that we are incapable of seeing, or physically fighting against. Christians don’t fight the flesh and blood battle; it is a spiritual battle. You already know this.

      The three reasons I have referred to cause my confusion. Are doctors really knowledgeable about all those reasons that can cause a person to have “audio hallucinations”? I am thinking no, so why should I continue to work in a sphere where no one’s looking at things beyond what they are taught in their colleges?

      Also, being severly tired as you have stated you are can possibly contribute to any of your hallucinations, as well as depression can, usually of a severe type of depression. This is medically known, so helping alleviate your being tired can possibly help those hallucinations. Going without water for days could cause that too, another physiological reason, as I’m sure you know. Walking in the desert for miles can cause someone to see or hear even, a type of hallucination. Our bodies are run down, I think, by Satan, in my opinion.


      1. Thank you Suzanne for your thoughtful reply. It’s true I don’t sleep well and it is worse when I am tired. Voices, sometimes many voices like in a room, music, weird singing but mostly just different kinds of sounds. Sometimes it seems overwhelming but the Lord does let me know I will be alright. Yes looking forward to new bodies. Praying for you to find your niche and thank you again for your thoughtfulness. Glad to hear from you. God bless you sister. -Rick

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      2. Rick, I do pray for your health, including sleep, is restored. How difficult your situation sounds. Your comment before about cell phone transmissions corresponds with others I’ve read; we can become tired by all the WiFi bouncing around us just being out in everyday life. I’ve had profoundly real dreams, they are not the reality though. What is causing these occurrences? I ant to learn more and will write more on these issues, God willing, but I ask that the Lord Jesus Christ provide you with his care, and love, to see you through this terrible time.


  2. There is spiritual strife in this world where (God) the good is fighting the evil (ungodly). Paul teaches in 2 Corinthians 10:4, that our fight is a “non-carnal” fight using God’s Word, prayer, teaching, and the like to bring light into the darkness. I am sure you are realizing this (maybe more than you want to?).
    I pray and wish you are in a place where you know God’s love and friendship and constant presence. I have not doubt you are to help others; probably many others. -Jeff

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    1. Hi Jeff – I like your comments very much, yes we do know that God is fighting for us – too! I pray that you find goodness and God’s love, too Jeff. I certainly have. Have a great day!


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