Avoid The Wiles Of The World

Last week while at work I received an email from my company that was exciting in one sense, but such a demonic temptation at the same time. I will not choose to take it’s free offer.

The email was a gift from my company to those who wanted financial assistance to pay off a large portion of whatever it would cost to pay for clinical supervision. As you may know, in order to become licensed, I would have to pay a supervisor by the hour in order to get supervision hours signed off on. Supervisors talk with one about their cases during the week and my company is also providing 15 hours of clinical work toward hours we must accrue that we talk with our clinical supervisors about. In this way we rack of the time needed doing clinical work that supervisors sign off on as proof we’ve earned the hours needed to get the license.

All that is needed after that is passing exams; either oral or oral and written. I’m not sure what Washington state requires since I did not get my schooling here.

I’ve had to turn this gift by our company down. I’m enrolled in a biblical counseling course that will take awhile to complete since I have given up my clinical training in secular psychology. I know it’s the right choice.

I find it truly strange that while I’ve begun my biblical counseling courses, this free gift from my company comes along to tempt me. I would rather follow God, and I urge you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to also do the right thing, according to our faith and biblical knowledge. Stay away from falling into temptation of worldly ways and following the advice of worldly strangers. Get your guidance and direction from trusted Christians. It is how we are kept safe from the wiles of the world. Remember whose children we are.

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