Sowing God’s Word: Discipleship

good-friday-3243347_640I remember reading the bible years ago, before I became a Christian, in my attempt to seek Him.  Like many, I was enduring terrible times and had come to the end of any possible answers and help out there in the secular world.

Today I’m reading Matthew 13:18-23 in a section called, “The Parable of the Sower Explained”.

Many of my friends I’m sure have had this experience where they read from God’s Word and don’t understand what they’ve read.  The meaning isn’t clear, they have no desire to attend bible studies for many reasons – maybe they are too deep into their crisis to be able to – but for some reason their reading of the bible just doesn’t “stick”.  It gets carried away by the evil one.

Hear then the parable of the sower: When anyone hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what has been sown along the path. – Matthew 13:18

The Words of God do not penetrate the souls of these people who had tried to find God but were in a state where they could not concentrate, were in a tailspin, and had no one who really sat down with them and made sure they were reading the bible every day and checking on them, as well as their understanding of what they read.

In my case, I would have liked someone to take me under their wing and mentor me to truly understand what I was reading, to not let me fade away in the midst of my crisis.  Being new to attending church back then, I might have done better if I’d had someone to pray for me regularly.

Today I am starting to pray for my readers and the people I come across – and make a promise to God that I will continue to do so.  If you post a comment on my blog, or “like” my blog I will be praying for you.  Those who want to join me in this, let me know.  Maybe I can start a group where we pray and help those new to God’s Word understand more.  This is important, I think, in these times of trouble in the U.S., and in our world.

7 thoughts on “Sowing God’s Word: Discipleship”

  1. I would be interested in praying for people. This is an excellent endeavor on your part Suzanne. It would be important work. Just in general or how do you wish to proceed!


    1. I’m thinking an internet site, or prayer list by IM on people’s cell phones, to support each other each day. What do you think may be good ways to do this? Thanks, prayerfully, Suzanne LeBoeuf.


      1. I’d be okay for a cell phone messages. There is a possibility as well for discipling over the phone. A caring and listening ear as well. Perhaps research also what good churches are in their area to direct them to. I have also learned that denominations does not always mean good pastors and teachings. the way the churches have been going out against the word of God power possible discipling would probably go further as we could communicate to them the importance I was reading the Bible for yourself and not letting mere men teach you since salvation and following Christ is of Paramount importance!

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      2. Rick, I like your input here. I would set up a page on a website where I would add people’s recommendations and/or comments on churches they would recommend, and why. that is one thing I would do. I’m still at work on my lunch hour, so will get back to you another time, these are good ideas. God bless.


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