Trust In God

This will be a short post: I will have to leave my job, due to feelings of safety being breached. Due to my safety, I am no longer able to give this company my best work due to having my wallet stolen at work by another employee, and not being able to resolve my anger at being left to resolve issues alone.  I no longer want to work there.

We all hold value in a world that God created, and my belief is that Our Father, who values the birds of the air, and the fishes of the sea, values and loves His children far more – and why would Our Father, who is good and full of love, who saves us for eternity, want us to feel unsafe?

A world where mankind is soul-filled, is a mean, crazed, and sin-filled world that has no knowledge of God, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So, in light of my feelings about having no safety, and it not being addressed, I feel that my income there has come to and end, in short order, and I don’t know why I have been singled out by so many mean-spirited person’s who damaged my career, over the past few years, and have succeeded in driving me out of whatever companies I have been employed by.

What’s troubling my soul, is that I have often wanted an internet business, and not having income to support my work in this area has driven me in my worries, to get work in worldly companies where I seek money to buy items I may need. This in hopes I can stay responsibly employed, yet take care of my faith and take time to pray and worship at the same time.

I need more time with God, due to the chances of my becoming successfully employed seem less likely. We Christians are in this world, but are not of the world, as we have been told in the bible.

I have no doubt that God can do major things in our lives, he parted the sea for the Israelites to pass through, and he can do it again if he so chooses.

My life is in Christ’s hands as I pass through the waters in front of me while I seek His guidance. His saving grace comforts me, and I pray He provides comfort and guidance for your lives as well, in Jesus’s Name.

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