Please excuse weird station identification at the website…

In case you were wondering….I’m working now on getting the error fixed on my home page of my new website at: where the IT support gentleman for the web hosting company has been working to get it hooked up to the right website. Don’t be afraid if you go to the page and it says it’s the “Behind Chrystal Eyes” webpage.  That isn’t mine, folks.  It’s been happening for the last few hours and I’m waiting patiently to work on the website.

God bless and keep you well!


3 thoughts on “Please excuse weird station identification at the website…”

  1. Thanks Suzanne for all you’re doing. I am finding out as I get older for some reason I am physically drained easily anymore. I am hoping that I can be more helpful as a Christian on the internet. I am also glad that you and I share the same doctrinal beliefs. Have an excellent evening! 🙂


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