Prayer To Fight Sin And Evil Of The World

brown wooden crossFather, please help us, we are wayward in sin.  We need you to guide us, for we are the ONLY line of defense to hold back the works of the devil  in your world. Lord, we know that people don’t know what the world’s population is up against, they are unsaved, knowledgeable about YOU. 

YOU are the Savior of the world.  YOU are the only person that can save us from our sinful natures.  We rely upon YOU to help us grow and walk with you – to help others know you and to guide them into safe shelter.  YOU are the Mighty Tower to protect us and save us from SIN.  Lord, please help us to prevent the demonic warfare harming the world and pulling your people down into their sin.  Show us how to pull down the strongholds that keep people beholden to the devil, and help them to get out of their worlds of darkness, the sin, and Satan’s warfare against them.  May we pray that we stand together to be the light of the world, in Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name!  Amen.  

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