Troubling Times Ahead: Is “Hearing Voices” A Symptom Of Mental Illness?

brain control demonicI came upon a Christian video today that brought attention to a topic which I have studied in the past: psycho-electronic weapons, or electromagnetic weapons as they have been called in the past.

Radio waves can be directed into a person’s skull, as in “Voice To Skull” weapons used in years past in wars in the Middle East making people believe “Allah” was talking to them.

These are invisible frequency waves that cannot be seen with the human eye but does not mean that they do not exist.  Other weapons can be used to make a person have a heart-attack and kill them, which has been publicized over a decade ago that could be found through general searches online.  I wonder how many links to these kinds of articles are buried, or have been deleted, via Google?

The video I watched starts out by saying that people are already given special numbers in India, through the Aadharr, a bio-metric identification registration program, that they must have in order to have bank accounts, and get paid.  Will this be the early stages of the worldwide Mark of the Beast?  Christians in India have refused to be registered into this system.  One example was of a student not able to attend college due to not registering on Christian principles.

The video was uploaded last year and many of the technologies they are talking about that controls the human body and mind have been around for decades that some in the mainstream public have found out about a long time ago.  They are branded as being “mentally ill” and dismissed by their doctors who know nothing about these technologies.

I invite my readers to watch the video at the link provided and then send up your prayers for all the people in the world that are being affected by these horrifying, weapons of restraint and destruction.

Watch “The Mark of the Beast System Takes Over India” on YouTube

2 thoughts on “Troubling Times Ahead: Is “Hearing Voices” A Symptom Of Mental Illness?”

  1. I watched the video. It is scary stuff to be sure. I noticed on Facebook people are putting guilt messages out there for why you’re not in church. I believe that the mainstream denominations will be hand in hand with the up-and-coming New World order since we already know the churches have been infiltrated by the goats. Mind control possibly even through your cell phones! That would mean they can hand pick their victims. 😦


    1. Right, some churches are bot worth going, and we’re not goats, so easily see what they’re doing; slowly they’re falling away under social pressure. The video was important to see because Christians being aware of these new technologies make me feel less alone, they are starting to come out … hand picking victims is a major concern. Staying in Prayer…. Bless you!


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