Pre-Christian Ideas About Energy-Based Technologies Harming People’s Bodies

sound wavesMany years ago before I became a Christian, I joined a movement online with people who believed they were being victimized by electromagnetic weapons.  These weapons were directed energy weapons of all kinds that affected the human body in many ways.

People were complaining of “hearing voices”, being stalked, having their bodies controlled by energy waves and advanced technologies, and a huge group of people began sharing their stories online.

As a mental health professional, I wrote the article (below), which was one of many during the years I learned about these weapons.  I felt some of the “affects” myself.demons

Years later I prayed to God that he tell me the truth about what was happening to these people:  were the weapons real or were their spirits inhabiting people? 

The bible talks about demons and spiritual warfare, and that our war is with principalities and dark spiritual forces.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. – Ephesians 6:12

As a mental health clinician, I had nothing to go on except the real-life testimonies of people, and my mental health training.  At that point I had heard scant information about demons.  I had to choose to learn more about the technologies, and it wasn’t until some years later that I began studying the bible.

Now I believe that if these stories that people have been sharing were true: that they are being targeted by “perps” using many forms of electro-technology, it would not come out through any research and studies that we could ever prove.  Technology is so far advanced and secretly hidden within companies and governments around the world, that it would take many millions and billions of dollars to ever really prove that these things are being done.

I tell people who complain about being targeted that they are either being targeted by real people using weapons, or that they are in the biggest spiritual warfare of their lives.

Either way, it is my belief that demons and Satan are real, and that these technologies may be forces that they use, or quite possibly have shared some of the technology with humans that are non-believers.

Satan is at the heart of it, whatever it is, and I cannot prove anything to anyone, other to say that I believe the bible and the Lord Jesus Christ.  I doubt it can be proved whether people are being “targeted” by “perps” due to our inability to trace energy weapons and track back to the origin of the weapons.   This is why I believe it is best to strengthen one’s belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Either way, weapons or spirits, the Lord is higher, and more powerful, than they.

My advice would be for those who identify as “Targeted Individuals”, turn to God, repent of your sin, and continue to walk in the love, hope and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no greater power to bring people out of these dark times we are in.  Join me in connecting with other Christians in a group I am forming here or send me a prayer request/email.  I will pray for you if you leave a comment on any posts or if you hit “like”.  

My other site is here and I will start an email group where Christians can communicate with each other.  I believe it is urgently important that we are able to communicate with one another, and stay strong in Christ together.

Here is an old article I found re-posted online that I authored in 2012 when I was in the midst of this controversy: weapons targeting individuals, or psychopathology of humans.

A call to update mental health diagnosing: The DSM unreality!

Originally posted:  October 7, 2012

In the continuing saga of reporting energy-based technologies used as weapons to harm certain targeted persons, the cross-over sharing of information between a variety of disciplines is needed more than ever before.

For example, the psychiatric manual to diagnose patients has undergone more changes and the DSM-5 will soon be published but may not be more accurate, but may be becoming more archaic, instead.  

Already, people complaining about torturous “voices” jamming their brains against their wills have been written off as being “psychotic” and schizophrenic.  Let’s look at how these components are looked at from a psychiatrist’s point of view.


When a person is seen by a psychiatrist or psychologist who reports “hearing voices” that someone is putting into their minds somehow, this person is not taken seriously that this may truly be happening. The doctor may describe their patient as having “thought insertions” or “thought alienation”.  Patients may believe that broadcasts from a radio or TV are being put into their heads in “thought broadcasting”.

Ideas described as being stolen from the mind is labeled “thought deprivation” and these people are usually diagnosed as being schizophrenic, and often further categorized as being of certain types, such as the paranoid type.

However, if there were a sharing of information among different disciplines such as psychology also learning about neurotechnology and specifically about frequency-wave technologies and how these affect the body, a whole new world of diagnostics of the human mind would emerge; a more accurate world based on more accurate reality, rather than one that potentially benefits criminal uses of technology.

A resistance to change of anything that might challenge the towers of power in the mental health profession may contribute to the lack of transparency of some of the real causes of “symptoms” that may be mimicking the effects of horrific electromagnetic energies that are as heinous as any Nazi torture of the past.

It may simply be true that the world of mental health has not been given the exposure to wireless technologies that may be used to harm someone via remote control.

Having the ability and strength to go against the grain of the establishment can also be daunting. It is hard to be taken seriously when saying the exact same things their patients are saying and calling this “directed energy technology” can make a clinician look foolish.  However in the face of such devastation of human lives this has to be done.

Of course there is a potential falsehood of reasoning for the need to protect electromagnetic energy weapons for the sake of “national security“.  National security seems to hold the highest hand on protecting secrets of the U.S. We spend billions of dollars on the “security” and secret departments of our nation since 9/11’s events that destroyed New York’s Twin Towers.  Homeland Security has sprung out of “terrorism” developing “security” technologies that potentially can be used to harm society, instead. The military has held an ongoing special interest in mind-manipulating technologies.

The military has held an ongoing special interest in mind-manipulating technologies. Technology that utilizes human brain waves can potentially be of help to society. Neuroengineering is a field that learns how the brain functions and how to “rewire” the brain and at the same time fears of “remote neural monitoring” have sprung up in articles by citizen journalists like this one.

Secrets of technology that can wipe out the human brain or body can alternatively wipe out certain groups of people or potentially hold our government hostage when allowed to propagate and go unscrutinized or unmonitored by officials.

A cross-over sharing of technology among public officials, independent journalists as well as the field of mental health would produce better public policy that works to aid society, not harm it. Investigating neurotechnologies as well as weapons utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum would certainly add a whole new dimension to the current health care debate.In many people’s opinions, health care and public safety are lifesaving issues that should be investigated and reevaluated.

Paying for health care when there is some potential that energy-based technologies can potentially harm the health of U.S. citizens seems self-defeating, and a waste of taxpayer time and money.  Petitions against using human beings as guinea pigs for electromagnetic experimentation and targeting like this one can be found when the public knows what to search for.

Human rights activists have much to do in the face of all the people from around the world being ignored for providing citizen reports that they are being harmed through electromagnetic energy weapons.

The field of mental health is only a beginning in the need to get to the truth and to change the health of society, as well as to protect citizens.


4 thoughts on “Pre-Christian Ideas About Energy-Based Technologies Harming People’s Bodies”

  1. It is very interesting and scary all at once. I have sounds i side my head constantly. A steady hissing sound, sometimes what sounds like unintelligible choral singing cones and goes. Screaming like the sound of people in hell. The hissing is non-stop but the other sounds vary in intensity. Yes, it’s all pretty weird. Since I am bearing my heart another weirdness is that I can hear people warming up their musical instruments where I used to work near an auditorium and 45 minutes after they had finished and already left the building (unbeknownst to me) I could still hear them practicing. I made the mistake of sharing it with a co-worker and was immediately and unmercifully labeled a psycho. Needless to say it didn’t go well after that. I am however a very sane person and although not the best Christian , I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.


  2. Rick, You are not alone… many perfectly sane people such as yourself are reporting similar, horrible sounds… someone sent me a personal email of their similar experience. I dont doubt for a minute that you are normal, and being attacked by something. These are the last days and Satan knows he has limited time left. I will continue to pray for you, and the others who comment, email me or “like” my posts. i sympathize with you, it really sounds horribly disruptive! I am sorry all this is happening to you. I wish i could help; bust at least I know this is happening, and i dont doubt what people are saying… it is very harmful. May the Lord help you. I pray in Jesus’ name!


  3. Thank you Suzanne. 🙂
    Your prayers are very much appreciated. I will be praying for you as well. God bless you sister.


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