Christianhopenet eMail Group: Get Connected With Other Christians

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email group!

I have set up a gmail group for Christians to reach out and connect with other Christians, to share our daily lives, struggles, prayers and prayer requests.

If you would like to join with other Christians in an email fellowship group, the way to join is to set up a gmail address first so we can be on the same email platform which allows us to email this group.  Gmail is free, and I have several accounts.  

Once you get your gmail set up you can go here to join the Christianhopenet gmail group.

We will communicate with each other using our gmail email. 

This Christian eMail group is located as a google group, called “Christianhopenet“, so if you have a gmail account you can easily join by either going to the group and signing up, or you can send a message with your gmail to the group gmail.  I will add you to the group.

The group gmail address where you can gmail your messages to the group is here.  Once you’ve set up your personal gmail account, send me an email at the group  (christianhopenet (at) and I will add you.  Unless you want to go to the group and sign up there yourself.  Once you get your gmail account and are signed up for the group, you can send your messages to christianhopenet (at) and your message will automatically be sent to all members of the group to read and respond to.  

The group description is this:

This is a Christian Fellowship group where Christians share their daily lives, struggles, prayers and prayer requests.  
We seek friendship, strength and guidance through the Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus.

Hope this is a good way for you to reach out and connect with other Christians.  Be sure to share this page with your friends who may want to join.  I hope this group is used by many.  God bless, and see you at the Christianhopenet google group!

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