Churches Who Don’t Worship The Lord

old-farmhouse-2535919_640May you be blessed today, and thank you for coming to my blog!  This morning being Sunday I wanted to try and go to a church.   I decided to try a church more local to me and decided upon a First Baptist Church because they have a reputation of being a traditional Christian church.  

There is a deep need for true churches.

I noticed inside the church that it was all very dark, with dark wooden counters and furniture with a dark, worn, rug.  Someone said “hi” to me when I walked in.  The worship hall seemed like it had not had any upkeep since the 1970’s or 1980’s.  That made me think that no one is using funds to keep the church painted, as if any of the budget went for upkeep.  I don’t remember seeing a prominent cross in the worship hall.  There was one on my way down the hall to the restroom in a kitchen or storage area.

When I went in and sat down before the worship service, three people came over to greet me.  Then the pastor got up and called the worship team to come up to the stage.  I was interested to know what kind of music they would play.  Listening to many people complaining about modern church music these days being more like a concert.  I had hopes that their music would be traditional hymnal songs.

Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministries: Music in the churches today

The Worship Wars (Part 1) – Eric Barger and Pastor Brandon Holthaus

The Worship Wars (Part 2) – Eric Barger and Pastor Brandon Holthaus

They did not have a loud music worship.  No loud drums, no light show, just the words projected onto a screen for us to follow.  After one song, they were dismissed and everyone sat down.  I was thinking, “just one song and that’s it?”  Yes, apparently they only needed one song, which was to ready our hearts for the pastor to give his message.

The pastor had been on a trip somewhere outside of the U.S.  He showed two slides for us to see, explained a little bit about his trip, then said we were going to relax today, the kids would have some candy, and then we would have “LUNCH!”

Then the pastor came over to me to shake my hand, and he thanked me for coming.  He told me that they were going to “read the bible, and the kids would have toys to play with”.  So much for delivering a message about the Word of God today.  I looked around and people were standing up talking to people.  It did not look like there was going to be any bible reading or studying even which I could do at home on my own.  I came to hear a message of God and be taught something that’s in the bible.  Their website said they were studying Revelation and I got excited and wanted to hear it.

How disappointing that there seems to be no real churches these days because I have gone “church shopping” before and found watered-down, concert halls and superficial messages being given from the pulpit.  

I know many of you feel the same way – there just aren’t true churches available where Christians can go worship.  They are for the world, of the world, and are “church growth” churches.  I wrote about the business model here in case you’d like to read it.


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