Attending Today’s Local Prophecy Conference

It’s always good to meet like-minded Christians who are looking forward to the rapture.  It’s an exciting event to look forward to and I join many Christians who look forward to this day, or night, when we will be snatched away to meet our Lord Jesus in the air!

Today I attended a bible prophecy conference in a nearby area – and I have to say that I enjoyed it!  It didn’t disappoint and there were maybe 100 people that attended.  I’m not sure but the turnout was good and people were on time and stayed all day!

To my knowledge there aren’t a lot of free prophecy conferences in the liberal state of Washington.  I think we need more conferences.  Many of us are hungry to learn about bible prophecy and get the insight of what is happening today according to bible prophecy.  It’s an exciting thought, that we may see Jesus soon!

Photo: Calvary Chapel Eastside –

Speakers were Pastor Tom Hughes and Olivier Melnick,

who will be looking at Israel in the End-Times, Current Events, Anti-Semitism, and helping to connect the dots between End-Times Bible prophecy and what is happening in the world right now. They will be joined by Messianic worship group Lev Shelo, who will lead us in worship to our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. – Calvary Chapel Eastside 

I purchased two of Pastor Hughes’ books that I am reading that I may blog about at some point.  They both deal with America, either with its coming judgment, or with its part in the New World Order.   One of Hughes’ recent YouTube’s is “Prophecy Update: Rise of Christian Persecution” I hope you will watch it and enjoy it.

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