Homeless Problems Could Be Resolved In A Way That Non-Believers Can’t Possibly Understand Without Being Saved Themselves

abandoned adult black and white cavalryRecently I bought a new cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S10 that has beautiful photo ability and more clarity in videos.  I’ve often wondered how I can serve the Lord using my gifts; writing, speaking, helping and having empathy for people who are suffering.

YouTube has been a gold mine of videos about homelessness in the Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles.  My heart goes out to those people who are out on the sidewalk in tent cities.  These people are actually living in squalor and are easily ignored.  Who has the resources to help these people?

AS I’ve watched informational videos – excellent documentaries by news agencies – my thoughts have been stimulated to wonder at how much of a need there is for those people to know Jesus Christ.

How much stronger they may be if they had the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide them; and how much happier they would be to know that there is their loving Creator, the One True God, waiting with open arms for them to reach out to seek him.

How rewarding it would be if a government agency would look at this – allowing Christian complexes who would help give them a help hand, providing a temporary space for them to live and shower, eat and be taken to doctor’s appointments – while they get on their feet?

All it would take is to have some strong believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to set up a housing program, much like Christian shelters, that ran on private donations.  Having federal funds to show people the way to Christ, where He can work from the inside of a person to make them whole and spiritually healed, is the best way to help someone, in whatever state of life they are in.

As a Christian who was formerly homeless in earlier times, but who did not know God then, I can tell you that I am strong, being healed from the inside from traumatic experiences I’ve survived and have been given a sound mind through the pain and agony of my own earlier suffering.

A heart for helping is what I know the Lord Jesus Christ has gifted me with, and helping the poor pleases Our Lord.

I may want to get involved in a Christian program where the people are helped in a way to give them help getting back up on their feet.

8 thoughts on “Homeless Problems Could Be Resolved In A Way That Non-Believers Can’t Possibly Understand Without Being Saved Themselves”

  1. All today and all night I have had an excruciating headache at the nape of my head. Only now and I feeling better. Sometimes this happens and wow I wonder how it happens.
    Coincidentally I began to watch a video called “Seattle Is Dying” about homelessness. I believe it was made by KING News in Seattle. I didn’t get very far into it but maybe they were just showing one side of the coin but it began with a disgruntled upholsterer who was very put out with them living bear his property. You are right Suzanne, Christians can help and would. Your idea is a wonderful one and if the world could see the value of our Lord Jesus Christ, His teachings on love it can work and in the past history has proven it. There are several outreaches here in Great Falls, both of which have been very successful in helping the homeless. The success though would also be primarily if these homeless folks would believe the gospel and receive the Holy Spirit healing would come to their minds and hearts.
    Lately I have found that I am not a very dynamic person and my abilities are few. A willing heart but no strength. What you are speaking of would be a major endeavor and totally possible to whom the Lord calls to perform this. Yes, we can say Jesus is the answer. ♥


  2. Rick, I am sorry you are having those pains, I wonder what it is? It is hard to function without good rest, and when one is in such pain. I am sorry you have this and other issues you’ve talked about to deal with. It makes life hard.
    I saw “Seattle Is Dying”, too. It was a very good video, because it shows that Seattlites are very concerned about how homelessness is growing, and the high cost of housing is unaffordable. Where should people go?
    Jesus is the only way!
    Thank you for your comments; I’m appreciative you take the time, and I pray you are feeling better soon my brother!


    1. Thank you Suzanne for your prayers. I lived in Seattle for a time, a little less than a year back in ’86. Troublesome time in my life. Even then the rent was high. I bet now it is astronomic. Have a pleasant evening and God bless you mightily.


      1. 1986 was a different era, as we know because the U.S. has gone through changes every decade and rapidly changing for the worse now. It’s gotten far worse, and I for one can’t live in a mess of a city that has many people living in tents, and have no hygienic way to keep clean! There is a huge drug/heroin problem, and people have been breaking into cars, robbing and shooting up heroin in plain sight.
        Then you have the upper class, whose incomes allow them to rent high rise luxury apartments. It makes no sense.
        I’m wondering where to live, in what part of the country. May you have a nice evening and God Bless! 😊


      2. Montana has a lot to offer. The biggest cities are Billings, Bozeman, Missoula and then Great Falls. Much more elbow room out here. Rent is lower than Seattle for sure! 🙂


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