At What Cost Accomplishment?

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Heavenly sky

Running our races:  I am on my race, you are on your race.  I cannot run your race; you have to run your race making your own efforts to run and finish your race. 

What do we mean by running a race?  To compete with man and finish?  To what is the end point? 

To die in a grave and think we’ve accomplished what we became best known for, by way of gaining acclaim, or stardom, writing best sellers that brought in lots of money or a new invention.

That’s all good, but what happens when you die?  Life lives on but without a fleshly body.

The world is full of achievement and accomplishment; a shining castle atop a mountain.  “Look what I’ve done!” it cries.

Look at how much better than you I’ve become!  Look what I’ve achieved, earned and toiled for, according to the world’s standards. 

But what about life after we die?   Will you take those things with you?  Have you learned the ways of God and not the ways of man?

What are the ways of man?  We find them in “accomplishments” and “achievements”, acclaim to fame, college degrees, professional credentials, and books written to become authorities about things.  We inspire the conceited world-view of bombastic self-aggrandizement, the conceit of world-view modern man that dreams in a way perceived to be big, but only through man’s eyes. 

The tower of babel did not reach very tall nor reach into the heavens, it was the lopsided curvature of a man’s spine; it was not big enough to be the stairway up that it wanted to project itself to be, by man’s own standards.

At what loss do we follow man and where do we lead?

Heaven or hell?  That is the question.

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