A Homeless Industrial Society?

my-own-private-studiho-1210324-639x961So I was writing on my other site,, where I’ve turned a corner about how I will use the site: treating drug addiction.

As I have watched a youtuber develop a message where he presents interviewing and factual content, giving a real life view in documentary style about the homeless issue, I feel I have the skills to be a voice that addresses the problem.

Homelessness involves the homeless, the mentally ill and the drug addicted.  It addresses the working middle class whose homes have been taken away from them due to the high increases in the cost of housing where they are given notice to move out so that the landlords can increase the rent.

These working families have nowhere to go in the face of high housing costs; the incomes in large cities do not keep up with the rates of inflation and greedy landlords who want to provide housing to the wealthy only.

Silicon Valley and other large, metropolitan cities want to raise the rents and force everyone out who don’t have the money to pay the rent or mortgage so that the cost of housing is at a premium.  Most people can’t live in those cities which are becoming divided between the rich and poor, only.  There is no middle class.

This, in a nutshell, is why I am writing about this issue, homelessness, which is no longer limited to those disabled, mentally ill or drug addicted people.

Our society is headed for living in tent cities, which is affordable for the working class who want to keep their jobs, but have nowhere to live.  It is not a joking matter but a serious crisis growing in our country.  How can a child be raised in a back seat of a car and do their homework?  This is ridiculous and insanity in our country today.

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