Life Of Christ Brings Eternal Living: We Change From Within

cross-1517171__340The world is full of people like I used to be; walking with the devil and creating better lives for ourselves in the worldly sense.

We seem to think we are smart enough to manifest our desires in life: better cars, bigger houses, fame, glory, all to impress others and ourselves, being smug, or pompous, narcissist or arrogant.  These are all worldly attitudes and judgements we have of ourselves or others.

We walk in sin as we become of knowledgeable age, when we decide there is no Christ Jesus and so we follow Satan, instead.  There are no other choices about who we will abide in; Christ Jesus, or Satan.  We either walk in the life of Christ, or die with the devil, Satan.

When we sin, we are said to die in our sins without having a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Knowing him, we know that he went to the cross and died in place of  all humans for the sins of all mankind.  He saved us from the death that is created by committing sin.

What does dying in this context mean?  To die in our sin means that we are not followers of Christ.  Those who forget Christ, who walk away from their early faith, can be let go to walk in their sinful ways if they keep going down that road.  That is what I believe, although others don’t believe that.  

Dying is both physical and spiritual.  We easily understand what death of our bodies means, but what does spiritual death mean?  Spiritual death is the more important death because it means we spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell.  It is a real place, Hell is, as well as Heaven.  Please see the bible about these places, and I have provided some Scriptures at the end of this post.

They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart. – Ephesians 4:18 explains that; “A man without Christ is spiritually dead. Paul describes it as “being alienated from the life of God”’.  What does that mean? 

To die and become alienated from God is the worst thing that can happen when we grow up and don’t believe in Christ Jesus.  We make the choice to go on in our lives answering to Satan, who rules the world.  He is allowed to at this point.  He was thrown out of Heaven by our Creator in Heaven along with one-third of the angels.  They will follow him to destruction when they are thrown into the lake of fire. 

This evil devil was was first known as Lucifer (“morning star”), but is now referred to as  Satan, (“adversary”).

When Lucifer became sinful, it began with his self-generated pride.  In Ezekiel we read; 

Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. – Ezekiel 28:17

This is what is happening with most people today and is the basis of many of the false leaders out there who tell people that they are answering the need for the self-aggrandizement many people want today.  They are stuck on themselves.  They give themselves the glory, being above people and seeking the status of being better than others, or more beautiful, more popular, more valuable than anyone else.  It is what they have given themselves and the fame and celebrity they seek makes them more arrogant and self-absorbed. 

That is sinfulness – pride, ego, arrogance; these are words that express that same feeling I once walked through, before I became aware of the fact that a being, Jesus Christ, a person in the spiritual realm, became my friend and Savior in Heaven.  I learned it was wrong to want to be filled with vain desires of my heart, to be worldly in my accomplishments and never think a thing of ignoring the One True God that created humankind.  I did not know I was walking with the devil and living in sinful desires.

The world today is ignorant of the fact of the living God, like I was.  Only in finding out who God really is by truly wanting to know Him; speaking to him, reading the bible which commonly is called God’s Word, and talking with others to know and learn more about who Christ is, will one give themself a chance at becoming saved, and getting free from the grips of the demonic.  

When we become reborn, we die to our earthly desires and focus.  From we learn this:  “Your old nature, which is dominated by sin, is replaced with a new nature that is under the influence of God’s Spirit (Romans 6-7). Spiritual growth can only occur in a person who knows the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her Savior.”

Then we walk in faith in His glory; we won in knowing Christ – He saves us from sin and forgives us, we will be with him throughout time, eternal Heaven.  May peace be with you.  May you find Christ Jesus.  Amen.


If you want to read more about Heaven, Hell, and Satan (added), here are just a few bible verses to read to get you started:

Heaven:   Matthew 18:10;  John 14:2;  Revelation 5:9-13;  Revelation 21:4;  1 Corinthians 2:7-9;  Philippians 3:20-21.

Hell:   Revelation 21:8;  Matthew 25:46;  Psalm 9:17;  2 Thessalonians 1:9;  Matthew 13:50.

Devil:   Genesis 3:1;  John 8:44;  Isaiah 14:12;  Luke 10:17-19;  Matthew 25:41.

8 thoughts on “Life Of Christ Brings Eternal Living: We Change From Within”

      1. Hi-thanks Suzanne for the attention given. we must be of the word to truely live faithfully together on our planet this world.and we must let the people feel the awareness of hell as well as heaven .so good luck. and be blessed for i am one who is truely blessed, I feel blessed, the amount to be blessed. i jesus holy name I ask thee of thee and like thee. Iaskthisofyoujesus


  1. Hi Don, Thank you, you point out that we must be of the word to truly live faithfully together, I like that statement, and I think knowing we are blessed as believers is a blessing in itself! God bless!


  2. i understand that my soul is tarnished.
    am not worthy for Christ, His Farther,
    His spirit will require so much Grace;
    if ‘m ever at their Gates to our home. It
    is almost assuming that my loving Mom
    will find my soul to love that much more,
    having cared so deeply for the one that is
    forever in her debt. please, Lord, help being.
    do please send a little prayer to my parents…


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