Christian Testimony Is My Legacy: A Self-Published Book Is The Goal

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Today as I was in prayer, I felt the need to share here what I am doing to effect change in the way my life has been going.

My direction has been off; I’ve worked a terrible office administration job at the front desk that I was bored with and am finding another job to take that one’s place.

You realize, of course, that we are all unique in God’s eyes, beloved children of God’s, who walk with the Lord Jesus Christ every day.  And we should.  Life gets better that way!

I am writing a book, yes a book, that is a very big undertaking about my walk with God; how I became a Christian and under what circumstances.  I will need some folks to get a free copy when I’m done and post good reviews on Amazon, and I’m trying to find fast ways of writing to get it done quickly.

In this vein I took an online class about how to “mind map” a book quickly and mind map each chapter then speak into a speech-to-text dictation app.  That will make things easy.  

From there I will edit my manuscript and learn how to self-publish it such as on Lulu where they do all that for you.  I will have to design a front cover and find the right title for the book.  Then I will sell it for a few bucks on Amazon, and have it here on my blog in the margin, for sale.

I think it’s wonderful and others can do this too.  I hope you will take the opportunity to share your testimony and share your Christian walk with others.

After all, when we aren’t here, we leave a legacy for others to find when they’re ready.

3 thoughts on “Christian Testimony Is My Legacy: A Self-Published Book Is The Goal”

  1. You go, girl! Good for you, Suzanne. I quit my unsatisfying day job in higher education 8 years ago to become a full-time freelance writer. I’m not there, yet—I’m still mostly editing other people’s work—but I am self-publishing my novels. I use fiction storytelling to reach people, as you have found in my blog, The Storyteller’s Corner, but whether we write fiction or nonfiction, if we keep telling the story of God’s love, God willing it will reach our audience.

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    1. Thank you for commenting, Laura. It is good to hear that you are following your path into writing. I hope and pray that the Lord moves you to a place He wants you to be, as I believe He is. Blessings, sister ❤


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