More Conservatives Should Run For Office: Campaigns Starting With Grassroots Organizing Would Help Them Get Their Start

I wrote a comment on someone’s YouTube channel who published his commentary about the 16 year old climate change star, Greta Thunberg, who spoke at the United Nations recently.  You may remember, here.

I hope this post gives you something to think about in order to help our country return to its roots in being a federal republic and a constitutional representative democracy.

Greta is a scary representation of left wing socialist thinking, and to take advantage of her, and anyone who believes her shows how melted brained people will hold an upper hand over the rest of us; I believe we should organize; write our lawmakers, speak out having more intelligent spokes-persons, more in number, spokespersons represent us on TV, radio, podcasts, to push back on these left-winged dumb-@sses. Someone might start an organization to organize and speak for conservatives, starting petitions, organizing letter writing campaigns, visiting D.C. lawmakers, becoming more politically active. I would support it! Don’t let them take over our culture and society and way of life! We are not the snowflakes! Let’s take action and push back with strength and take back our society! Nonviolently, with reason, etc., forming organizations, and these activities could be great opportunities for new conservative candidates to run for office!  I got these ideas from Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch who says we need to “pressure our members of Congress” at 9:25 mins, here

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