A Call To Duty By The Public: Protect Our Duly Elected President

I left a message today for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell through his email on his website at: after trying to leave him a message and found his voice mail full.

Please join me and the many others who are contacting him to stop this Democrat led impeachment – if you can call it that – by changing the rules of the Senate and to stop the impeachment at the Senate. 

This advice comes from Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch who has been doing the work of the DOJ and government officials who have not taken steps to stop the TDS of the Democrats and media who feed their viewers false information.  Judicial Watch does great work and the public should keep up with them at their YouTube channel.

Let the Democrats know we stand behind our President and that we are tired of their false allegations that serve to tie him up and not allow him to fully carry out his duties as our President which we elected him for!  

Show your support – we need our Congressmen to hear us!

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