Secularist Humanists Blindly Ignore Truths About How The World Was Formed

man-3579185_640Many of you may be struggling financially right now, myself included.  I have been looking for a job that is sustainable and will pay the bills.  Let’s remember to turn to the Lord in all our struggles and let him have our fears, trusting that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

With all that I’ve been doing to find work, I’ve not posted here as often.  I regret this as I enjoy writing, but I must get my priorities straight and keep a roof over my head.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6.

As I was driving in my neighborhood today, a thought came to my mind that before I was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ I never felt I knew the answer about how the world was formed and how mankind ever inhabited the earth.  Many of you may have had those thoughts about how man was formed by an amoeba splitting in two millions of years ago and through evolution man crawled out of the ocean as he no longer was something that swam in the sea – or was he an ape that became a man?  The earth itself began with a spark in a void to create atoms that bound together somehow to form the planets and stars.  Remember?

Then Intelligent Design came along and was the enemy of all good secularist humanists  and we who were raised as liberals were avoidant of all that mentioned the bible.  We were told that mankind needed the “crutch” of the bible and believed in God because they were somehow weaker than all the unbelievers.  What a wild time that was, before I became a believer.

Today I wonder at how the earth continues to revolve along it’s axis and no one bothers to find out why and how it came into being.  Knowing the “Big Bang” theory is not a good enough explanation, secularists continue their days in absolute ignorance of all God has done for them, creating a planet for them to live on and creating a life for them, however good or bad it may be to them.

Why don’t they wonder at their lives, knowing they have no real answers about how they were formed as a species so that they can live on a planet they don’t think about every day, wondering how it came into being?

What a weird perspective that seems to me now, to not know the answers to these questions, ignoring the importance and reality of them and just going about their business day-to-day and never having an explanation for their very lives.

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