Helping The Homeless: Making A Difference On The East Side Of Seattle

This last Monday I kept the appointment I had made two weeks ago after I made a random outreach phone call to a local tent encampment.  I wanted to do Case Management work and so I thought I might volunteer at a tent city, some would call the “Hilton for the Homeless” on Lake Washington’s “East Side” outside of Seattle.

The meeting started at 7:00 pm and I was invited in to say a few words about why I was visiting and what I proposed.  I want a job doing case management again due to a job that’s ending at the end of February or thereabouts.

I hadn’t worked as a case manager in a lot of years and so I thought I offer my services to be a volunteer case manager for some of the homeless people living in the tent city.  I seemed to be received well and I did not overstay my welcome.  After proposing they take me up on some of the services where I match people with agencies or person’s providing those needs I met a few guys afterwards who said they needed help and they would call me soon.

They posted my name and contact information where anyone who wanted support could contact me.

The idea is that after having been homeless myself, I want a job helping the homeless population around the greater Seattle area, across from Lake Washington especially where I live.  I intend to have this recent case manager experience added to my resume so when I apply for case manager jobs I will have more recent experience in the field.  I look forward to the day when I am earning money doing what I enjoy; making a difference.

Facebook: Camp Unity Eastside



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