Homeless Tents In Seattle (video)

Here is a video that I have been moved to create and would like to do more videography about the homeless in the greater Seattle area.  Seattle is about 60 miles north of Olympia which is the state capital here in Washington state.  

May this be a humble beginning to my advocacy on behalf of the homeless.


4 thoughts on “Homeless Tents In Seattle (video)”

  1. I lived in Seattle in the late 80s and there was a homeless encampment that was in a park near Dravus Street. I heard the city had moved the homeless encampment out even then. You had mentioned in one of your posts about a chapter in Ephesians as being a warning and it lists a number of sins and in all actuality it is those sins, the sins of mankind that have caused homelessness. The answer truly is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. It is about love but unless a person is truly born again can the Holy Spirit use him or her. When I lived in Seattle back then rent was really high I could just imagine what it is now. if you look at the laws they are usually made to protect those who are rich but make no provision for those who are poor but punish them for being poor. For example and this is absolutely true there are little old ladies that are on social Security some as low as $600 a month are living in vans. Well the Liberals in California passed a law saying that if you’re caught living in your vehicle we can take your vehicle away from you and so they have been doing that. So now we have little old ladies homeless. This angers me to no end. There is no help or truth in humanist thinking. In godlessness there is no help or empathy. The homeless problem in California is so horrific yet they have no answers and no ability to solve it. President Trump has offered his help I think they turned it down! Liberals and their socialist ideology, I can’t even tell where they’re coming from. At the very least they need to do is to build housing. They could use a utilitarian design for easy low cost maintenance. They could pass laws to protect the homeless instead of torturing them. Greed, selfishness, hate, are all involved. Our government is so busy helping illegal immigrants in the millions upon millions of dollars and they take no thought for our own people. This push by the Democrats to destroy America, to create a socialist country, to destroy our national sovereignty, to destroy the US Constitution for this global New World Order has caused a lot of what we are seeing in the homeless realm. Money has been redirected to break the bank and the homeless plight is overlooked. We can see in California that there is nothing set in place to help except the Christians who are doing most of it. I believe Samaritan’s Purse is helping and many volunteers where some are not Christian but I’m very sympathetic to the homeless. The government has the power to help but it has to redirect taxpayer dollars and I think President Trump has many ideas to employ the homeless the special programs that wouldn’t cost the taxpayers money but set in place new laws and programs where local businesses can hire these unfortunate people and the ones that cannot work can be helped in other ways.


    1. Hi Rick, you’ve brought up a lot of points that I can agree with. Thank you. As well as what you’ve said, I am also concerned with the greed you talked about in that city officials are not using the money allocated for the homeless to actually go toward helping those literally living on the street. The money should be audited. The programs the money goes to and organizations I fear is going to help keep people stable who already have places to live. The national emergency of homeless people does require alternative housing, you referred to utilitarian designs which is a smart idea. I believe the same. Forget the strict codes, permits, all the time and cost it takes to put up some kind of alternative structures for the homeless now is what I feel should be happening. Those people can be transitioned to more appropriate housing at a later date but get them off the street. Give them a place to go to where they can lock up their belongings and keep warm and dry. It’s ridiculous. People are not wild animals. They need help. Your story about older ladies living on such low income not being allowed to live in their vans makes my blood boil! God bless you for caring, and being compassionate.


  2. There are architects and builders who come up with these artistic some of which look quite bizarre designs for the homeless. And when I look at some of these designs I can see that they’re not looking at it from a provisional perspective but from selfish artistic possibly even aanarcissistic motive. Hexagons stacked up in a pile making it difficult for a handicapped or elderly person to climb up into these stupid looking pods. Although I am a fan of geodesic domes they’re not practical unless it’s a tent frame with an expensive vinyl cover but would lack insulation. Looking at Google Earth one day I came across a complex of buildings that were identical units and they were brightly colored, cheerful looking and I thought this could work well for the homeless people. Not dehumanizing them with stupid structures like they were some kind of lab rat but create an attractive dwelling place conducive for a healthy positive environment. We know that there are many useless government programs where this money could be redirected in helping communities build practical structures for the homeless. I think one of the answers is people like you Suzanne and I’m not just saying that but have a view in helping the homeless and seeing that they are valuable individuals created in the image of God.


    1. Thank you for your comments! I like the cheerful looking structures that you mention and “not dehumanizing them [the homeless]”.There is plenty of land that structures could be built quickly. Transportation such as shuttle vans and buses could help people get to services or have services come to them. Something could be done.


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