Christianity is not found in traditional “Counseling Services”.

So today I was listening to a video of Amir Tsarfati talking about the coronovirus and it came into my mind that the reason I am not counseling as a professional is that counseling today pushes people to their sin; it “approves” of what people want to do with their lives and how they want to live which is in sin most of the time.

I feel that the counseling industry of today is against all knowledge of God, that it is a liberal “interpretation” of how one supports a client in meeting their objectives and goals in life.  Of not liking the Word of God as an offer that might give them the strength and see them through the terrible times in their lives.

I’m writing free-style with writing my free thoughts without giving thought to preparing a topic for today’s blog post.  I hope you don’t mind!

But had I gone on to complete a license in this state of Washington, I might have been supporting a client wanting a sex-change operation, or someone who is struggling in a three-way marriage, and whatever else we Christians who read this blog believe in.  Christians like me who are bible-believing and not into a new age twist of what are  comfortable expressions of their interpretations of the bible.  I mean true Christians who live each day turning away from sin the best they can and relying on God for all that they have and desire.

My desire is still to help people and I can use my “counseling skills”; listening and receiving the thoughts and feelings of others in a compassionate way, maybe giving “homework assignments” and helping people be “accountable” for their goals.  But in nonprofits or psychiatric settings I am not allowed to be who I really am, exercising my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ – and being tasked to help my clients reach their goals.  Goals that may be living in sin that I can’t approve of, or support.

Counseling today does not let true Christians share the word of God with those who want to hear.  It is a Godless profession.  You don’t find teaching the bible in any treatment plan that schools teach.  It was designed by pharmaceutical companies to steer patients to receiving their medications, and not knowing and relying upon God.

That’s why in all good conscience I cannot enter the profession of “Counseling” in the world today and it’s a profession I studied while being an unbeliever in Christ Jesus.  It was a poor choice, now having hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans that I will never repay even if I tried.  I will not make that kind of money at the rate it’s been, and I am burdened with never getting loans to buy property and never having a credit card for an emergency; but relying upon God to show me the way.

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