Check In: How Are People Doing With The Coronavirus?

How has the coronavirus effected your life?  What do you think about the coronavirus?  Has it effected your family?  Are you staying at home?  Have you lost your job due to coronavirus?  Have you known anyone who died because of the coronavirus?

If you care to share please do so in the comment section.

How are people doing today?

Anyone want to comment?

11 thoughts on “Check In: How Are People Doing With The Coronavirus?

  1. My daughter is due in mid-August and works for the fire department. They have closed the different stations to visitors which cuts her exposure. A friend’s niece in another state has it, but appears to be doing well. I live in a decent sized City, around 500 – 600+K in the metro area, 64 who have tested positive with only 1 death. I am sure it will increase as time goes on, but I am thankful it’s not as bad as other places.

    I keep my blogging/vlogging family in prayers. I know we are not family by blood, but I consider each as family.

    How are you and your family doing?

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    • ICT Genealogist, Thanks for posting! It’s good to hear that measures are taken to cut exposure to newborns! I hope it goes well and she is safe!
      I heard there are two strains of covid, one is milder than the other but I have no statistics on this. Great news that so few deaths have taken place in the metro area where you live. I live in a “senior” apartment complex where I am not sicke and we are all above middle-aged and so far none have died that I know of. They are taking strict measures to protect all tenants. I consider my readers all family also and thank you for praying for your extended family!
      God bless and keep safe!


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