Some News Stories Of The Day… #covid-19

The latest I have heard about what the covid-19 virus is causing our country to do in response is the “one-way sidewalks” in Boston where you walk in one direction on the sidewalk or get a fine of $100 in Baltimore:  Massachusetts city enforces one-way sidewalks  to help promote social distancing (Fox News)

If you are on Twitter you might be interested in seeing a video of sparsely filled boxes of face masks sent by China to rip-off the recipients who were expecting full boxes of face-masks sent to them.

Seattle Foundation – COVID -19 Response Fund has Bill & Melinda Gates and Bill Gate’s former MicroSoft co-founder Paul Allen (now deceased from cancer) where you can donate money provided to local community based organization fighting covid-19.  Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s money have been well-known here in the Seattle area and it may be wise to know what activities Bill Gates is associated with.

(Philadelphia-Tweeted out) Man pulled from bus for not wearing a mask.

More news…

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Dori Monson KIRO Radio:  Dori Monson

Mike Bloomberg goes around rules to make an $18 million political donation to the Democratic National Committee.  (Trending Politics)

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