He Is Risen – Recommended Online Services

cropped-cross-in-sky.png I am watching JD Farag’s live service right now.

JD Farag‘s pictures on his video page is below.

Here is another good pastor I am listening to about the resurrection, Billy Crone.  Enjoy!

We can’t forget Brandon Holthaus‘s sermon about the resurrection, to be watched next – I pray you do too.

Sermon by John MacArthur: How a Lie Proves the Resurrection.

Risen – Mission Accomplished – Dr. Charles Stanley

Hope For You (Pastor Charles Lawson)

JD page

5 thoughts on “He Is Risen – Recommended Online Services”

      1. Not to be melodramatic but I work nights and on my way home the Sun was directly in my eyes when I turned left and ran right into a car. My car is totaled but hers probably can be repaired. We are both well lay but I am having problems with my head. Feels like it’s going to explode. Anxiety probably. Oh well things happen. Happy Easter, hope yours was really great. Thanks for the resources U hope to check them out. God bless! 😊


  1. Rick I’m so sorry to hear what happened and I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will help you through this accident and all that it entails. I’m glad you are both okay and not hurt. I pray that the Lord will guide you and keep you in this strange time, for you especially with anxiety and the accident! God bless you and keep you strong!


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