Covid-19 Blues: Buying A Rebounder To Fight Weight Gain

We are home much of the time because of #Covid-19 so I don’t know many people who are getting outdoors to walk or jog in their neighborhoods.  I was aghast to find I had gained about 5 pounds since I’ve stayed home due to Covid-19.  Many of you probably are experiencing the same issue – being inert most of the time when you used to be outside going places and moving around more.

I found a way of handling this due to the fact that I am at home working nights for a company that is a giant in the world economy.  Luckily I have a temporary job for the coming months but I have to sit all night at a desk calling people on web-chat speaking to people from all over the world and then being home during the day watching movies on my computer and maybe making a phone call or two to friends…but that’s about all I do and I’m becoming more antsy as the days go by, not getting outdoors like I used to.  What about you?

I ordered a rebounder to work out at home while I try and get my weight back in check. I found it online.  However on another site I found this encouraging quote about rebounding and am not sharing this as an affiliate or benefitting in any way for sharing the site below:

15–20 minutes of rebounding is actually more effective than 30 minutes of jogging or 50 minutes of continuous aerobic exercise. –

As an intermittent faster I came out of keto after two years, wanting a better way to get the fast sugars to my brain that makes me feel better than the slow burn from ketosis.  Intermittent fasting does get me into a state of ketosis faster than being on keto although I liked keto when I did that.  By the way I fast for 16 hours a day and eat during an eight-hour window of time and have tried to stick to salads, eggs and high-protein shakes that I get from a local supplement store (Supersupplments).  It has been a lifesaver when buying foods where I can get micronutrients and other high-value snacks and foods that are in powder form during Covid-19.

I stay out of the big stores where I am not sure what I will find after seeing a video of a homeless person using the grocery store floor as a restroom, or other things like that I want to avoid.

The real reason I stay out of grocery stores is that I want to buy what’s healthy and I buy a lot of supplements.  I have a whole cornucopia of supplements and high-density food powders so I have something on the self always and I can live on that if I needed to.  I am thinking with the meat processing plants shutting down that agriculture and dairy might become less available.  What about you?  Do you have this nagging thought that we might have trouble getting nutritious live food in the stores during the coming months?  I’m not sure what to think at this point so it never hurts to be ready for what might be happening in this country at any given moment.

I think sharing our experiences during this pandemic is important in staying connected to like-minded people who share their views about what this pandemic is about.

I’m sure you have your own thoughts about this “manufactured crisis” we are having to put up with while shutting our lives down.

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