Riot Destruction Hits Kirkland Washington state

Driving through Marina Park, Kirkland area filming video and photos. Kirkland is about 11 miles northeast of Seattle. I wanted to see a week after I drove through Kirkland WA to see if there were still many boarded up buildings. It looks like most of the boarded up windows have been taken down but the graffiti of BLM is still there.

4 thoughts on “Riot Destruction Hits Kirkland Washington state

  1. Very sad for Seattle. Can you believe it’s not about black lives matter in the sense of racism but there is a moment, an organization called black lives matter that is a socialist, anarchist organization that wishes to topple our present government. Be careful out there Suzanne God bless you and I will be praying for you. ♥🙏

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    • Hi Rick, thank you for your comment. I do agree with you whole heartedly that the BLM movement is not about racism. How many people of color want to be represented by this destructive group? They fan the flames of violence in my opinion. I think they are others are trying to topple our present government as you said. It’s a terrible thing to destroy our cities thinking they will effect change in a positive direction. Thanks, God bless you! Prayers for you also, and for our country, in Christ’s name.


      • Yes, glad you can see that as well. I got a chance to look at a black lives matter organization website and it was basically anti-American, anarchist, socialist diatribe. Very humanist and godless. I will be praying for you and for your safety. I’m also asking prayer for myself I have not been feeling well maybe it’s all this that’s going on it’s affecting me mentally and emotionally even spiritually. Our hope is in our God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ who is God the Son. We have a hope and an eternal future all thanks to Jesus Christ Himself God the Father who is graciously giving us all things by His wonderful grace. As Paul the Apostle says an unspeakable gift! God bless you Suzanne! Be safe!

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      • Thank you, will be praying for you too. It is getting closer to our escape from this world through the Lord Jesus Christ and we are to look up as these crazy times get worse. We can be blessed in knowing that!


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