Anarchy In America

I wish I could post here as fast as I see things happening. I’m currently on swing shift working from home and I like probably the rest of you are hearing and seeing articles, videos and posts online and feeling the ramifications of our cities becoming more lawless by the day.

#SeattleCHOP #Lawlessness #Save Seattle

A tweet informs that there is going to be a riot in Richmond Virginia tonight at 8:00 PM.

Come prepared to make noise. Wear a mask. Fuck the police. Fuck the system. There are no bad protestors.


Another posts a video where #CHOP leader Raz Simone is handing out large guns to “whoever is 18” years old out of the trunk of a white car.

Raz Simone Hands Out Firearms To CHAZ | Capitol Hill Autonomus Zone | BLM | CHOP
uploaded by Vigilance Media

I pray that President Trump and other elected officials who want law and order restored will do something to protect the citizens of these cities and force the Democrat mayors and governors to answer for their support of this anarchy.

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