Agenda Out In The Open – BLM To “Upend The Economy”

Here’s a tweet that did get through the Twitter police today. I live in the Seattle greater area and sometimes work in Seattle. I am concerned about Seattle’s being economically torn down and how the Mayor, Jenny Durkan, and Governor Jay Inslee seem to give these destructive people their blessing.

If anything they seem to hate America and want to support these so-called protesters shutting down our streets and highways. Who in their right mind wants this?

2 thoughts on “Agenda Out In The Open – BLM To “Upend The Economy””

  1. It’s horrible and we can pray to the Lord that He Himself might put a stop to it. It is just evil rearing it’s ugly head. In the last days perilous times will come. The false prophet Muhammad said famously, “I have been successful through terror.” Pandering to these terrorists proves that fear works. Muslims know it, Antifa knows it. Being given such high offices these effeminate leaders go on appeasing the crocodile in the hopes it will eat them last. Political correctness is destroying America and we know only the power of God working through the gospel can save mankind. We as Christians have the best and only Hope. We have a future thanks to our Heavenly Father through the Lord Jesus Christ. Elect and predestined to be saved. God bless you Suzanne. 😊

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