Exercise For Body And Mind

Just finished my first 30 minute workout on a machine that took me all throughout my work shift last night and before to assemble. During mini-breaks I was able to screw in some bolts, look at the assembly directions and today did the 30 minute DVD video.

I’m proud to say that I completed the entire beginner workout. After being indoors due to covid-19 I began finding ways to get exercise. Like many of you I had gained a few pounds. Simply eating less did not make a difference. Working out does get the heart rate going and I probably have worked out on my exercise equipment more than if I had a gym membership.

My bike, rebounder, hand weights, resistance bands, kettle bell and my new slider by Gazelle have helped me feel better. I can’t say I’m in the best shape but there is improvement!

As an intermittant faster who did Keto for two years previously, I know how important food is to being healthy. As we get older our metabolism slows down so we have to work extra hard to get and stay fit.

I hope I have inspired you to get going, and get moving. Even walking is a wonderful way to get more fit and clear the cobwebs from our minds. I found a track nearby that surrounds a soccer field. I rode my bike there one day and was able to walk the rubber track that surrounds the field. I have now found the ways that can work for me if I keep it up. Exercise has to be done by the person’s body; no one can do the work for us.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Blessings, and I pray that you find ways to take care of your health in this trying time.

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