Changing Plans In Changing Times

I have used the benefits of prayer to my God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ over these past several months in earnest and thankfully I know my God hears my prayers.

I can give proofs of answers to my prayers over my last five years of knowing who Christ is – stories that I am reminded of that give me strength and courage to go on in these changing times. I am not afraid because I am sure that the Lord Jesus Christ is with me in my trek on this earth especially now that I am a believer and beyond expressing my desire to know him. I am sure now and have no doubts left that God is real in the form of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Saying that I want you to know that I am changing career paths in order to fortify myself from working in the battle fields of mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction that I have worked with in the past where I have worked under the auspices of the mental health industry.

The mental health industry abides by the western form of medicine that denies God exists and is anti-Christian in nature. Modern day medicine does not recognize God in the form of Jesus Christ. In the field of counseling this becomes drastically problematic in that prayers to God in the name of Jesus Christ can get you fired, and becoming licensed in caring for mentally ill and chemical dependency relies upon an anti-Christ vision of wellness.

Diagnosing people has nothing to do with their spiritual fitness nor the darkness of hearts of sin that all of mankind is born into. How is it possible that an anti-Christ system can heal a person?

Maybe a magician can, or maybe a Baal system of magic performed by the demonic magical powers that deceive and seek to kill, steal and destroy may heal some, in miraculous ways.

This is some of the platform of my belief in staying away from the counseling culture of America that has become based in cultural norms as a way of diagnosing the mentally ill. I don’t have to tell you Christians reading this blog, because I am preaching to the choir. But in these last days of the riots and Black Lives Matter movement along with lies I am convinced are being pushed by the medical community regarding covid19: it’s causes, spread and recovering from; I have found that I am too fearful to work in an area where I would have first-hand demands to support these anti-Christ practices and methods of “healing” and supporting people who have a mental illness diagnosis.

I am working toward entering the Human Resources field that is a way of supporting people who become employed and supporting their needs to work. I feel it is best to work in another industry where I am not put in areas where students can have me fired, such in the case of teaching at the college level (remember Evergreen College where the students were threatening the college instructors?)

Now in the face of covid and BLM I can rest assured that I can place a distance between myself and mental health clients and students I would be teaching as I did in the past (at University of Phoenix in the Human Services/social work & counseling areas of study) years ago in Sacramento, California. I was proud of my work but here outside of Seattle it has become too liberal and riots have been acceptable and I don’t want to put myself in the midst of that where the possibility exists that clients and students may have something against me if I don’t go along with their slogans and sympathize with the BLM destructive ideology which is Marxist.

Besides, working in Human Resources is a safe place for me because who is going to give someone in HR a bad time and risk being fired? It’s a way to stay safe, have a good job and feel I am helping people earn income and all the ways I can help provide HR services for employees.

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