Covid19 Myth-Buster Dr. Kelly Victory: Open Up The Country, Masks Are Unhealthy

A doctor explains how covid19 is not as easily transmitted as the media and others have said, over and over again – causing mass hysteria, fear and practically crashing our economy. Unemployment has sored under the myths being perpetuated by Dr. Fauci and many others who may benefit from the public being afraid to go outdoors, spraying disenfectant on door knobs and chair legs and being terrified to live their lives.

Dr. Kelly Victory tells us to trust our immune systems, practice good hygiene and that masks cause us to rebreathe the junk that comes out of our lungs. This is not good for us and there is no need to wear masks. She says that there is no justification for normal, healthy people to be wearing masks. Many of us already knew that the scare created around covid19 was a hoax as President Trump already said many months ago and was ridiculed by the CNN et al. liberal activist media proclaimed to their followers who are uninformed.

The video of Dr. Kelly Victory is here, posted by Infinite Seeker, and I hope you will spread this far and wide, and be glad there are medical researchers who boldly tell the truth so that the public is informed.

4 thoughts on “Covid19 Myth-Buster Dr. Kelly Victory: Open Up The Country, Masks Are Unhealthy”

  1. Thanks Suzanne, I watched a video by Dr. K. Victory which I thought was very informative. I will share your post on Facebook. The UN and other of the elite world organizations I believe have been looking for something to begin a one world government. The climate change narrative was promising and brought many countries under one banner under the guise of save the planet but wasn’t effective enough to usher in that economic watchdog to punish those countries who they seemed the biggest offenders of producing greenhouse gases. Control the economy and you can control that country. The USA told them to take a hike. Now we have Covid-19 which when used as a scare tactic is much more effective. Control through fear by blowing it out of proportion and the Liberal humanists as we can see are very easily manipulated. My brother in law because of prolonged use of a mask got an infection where his face became swollen. Yes I think we’re being played big time. It’s easy to see through their manipulation by things like keep the bars open but close the churches. Definitely a godless humanist agenda we are seeing.


  2. Hi Rick, Thanks for your comments, and for sharing my blog post. I think you’re right about the UN trying to help bring in a one world government. Funny how China is a big polluter how the WHO gives them so much favor. These orgs will keep on pushing to drain the U.S. and bring us under their control but I believe President Trump is wise to how our dollars have been overpaying our fair share and pulling out of these agreements – good for him and good for us!
    I hope your brother in law has recovered and I am aghast from hearing about what happened to him! I wonder how many other people have had this happen to them and we’re not hearing about it! Normal journalism would be publishing these kinds of stories and publishing more than one side of the covid19 mask story.
    Keeping churches limiting the numbers of who can attend shows how godless our nation has become, and how deadly and widespread satan is becoming. How can you close churches but let bars open? What a morally bankrupted nation we are fast becoming but that’s normal in the secular humanist world. We’ve got to keep our faith strong and not back away from our belief in the Lord Jesus Christ who did warn us of how bad the world will become, and how mankind is born with an evil heart. I’m glad we have a good Father in Heaven who wants us to know these things.
    Thank you again for your comments, as always. I will keep you in my prayers.


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