ShadowGate Independent Journalist Arrested

As more people have been banned from social media sites, I became concerned about the independent journalist, Millie Weaver, whose arrest is going viral now.

I strongly support all conservative social media independent journalists and I believe we need more since we are outnumbered by the corporate left media, who are really propagandists of the liberal left and beyond I believe.

No one seems to know why Millie Weaver, independent journalist, has been arrested.

Weaver is credited with the movie, ShadowGate;

As per a USSA News report, her documentary ‘Shadow Gate’ was all set to tell the tale of two whistleblowers who claim that a secretive network of government and military insiders have ‘backdoor’ access to intelligence agencies and information on elite personalities including politicians which would be used to blackmail powerful people. – MEA WorldWide

ShadowGate can still be found on YouTube here:

A GoFundMe page has been created in order to help Millie Weaver.

Cassandra Fairbanks shared a fundraiser on Twitter and tried to seek help from people for her release. The GoFundMe page reads: “Millie Weaver, the popular independent journalist, was arrested today in a shocking raid. No information is publicly available, and in cell phone footage of the arrest, Millie repeatedly asks what the arrest is for, with police providing no answers. Whatever the case, we know Millie will need financial help — to pay for a lawyer and other expenses.”  – Millie Weaver GoFundMe page

Let’s speak out on behalf of conservative independent journalists who are helping the country digest what is happening in the U.S., and spreads throughout the globe.

Let’s Keep America Great! #KAG #MAGA May the Lord Jesus Christ bless this nations and keep it strong!

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